Brunch at Elephant Walk

Mom has found Jesus… again. No lie. She’s back to going to church and wanted me and daddy to join along… she was really picky about what I wore too… so nice appropriate lady dress. Very mod.

But I had to wear my 6″ hooker shoes :] #stayingclassy

We were late cuz parking sucks BALLS in Boston…. and daddy had to sit down in front of column. OH the giggles….

All I could think about was how hungry I was. I inhaled some eggs before heading out but man, church makes me hungry…. and plus, eggs are never enough!  We were deciding on Mexican food, Sushi or….. Elephant Walk [It’s Cambodian/French fusion]- guess which one won?!  It was late but they still had brunch WOO!!!  Haven’t been here since like…. 6.5 years ago for my mom’s bday when I still lived in the city….

Just choosing which drink to get made me excited

Mediterranean Mimosa

Champagne, Mango Puree and Peach Schnapps

Obviously I love my bubbly…. but it wasn’t that bubbly.. or cold… and it was TINY :[ WAA

We got spring roll envy from our neighbors so we had to order some too…


Spring rolls filled with ground pork, peanuts, carrots, onion and beanthread. Served with fresh greens and herbs and tuk trey for dipping

You can get this vegetarian with tofu too.. but our family loves the pig so OBVIOUSLY we got the pork. SILLY waiter asking us if you wanted pork tsk.

Wrap the roll in lettuce, sprouts and basil

Without the sauce the roll was kind of bland.  Still, it was refreshing despite being deep fried.

Mommy’s Croustillants aux Poires et Crevettes Flambées

Crispy wontons layered with warm Bartlett pear and scallion, topped with natural shrimp flambéed with white wine, leeks and garlic

6 Shrimps which were perfectly cooked.  Crispy wontons.. MMMM loved the subtle flavors of the pear and the leeks. NOM.  The sauce was slightly buttery, rich but without feeling heavy.  I’d eat this on a bed of fluffy white rice. MMM…

Daddy’s Loc Lac

Sautéed, cubed beef tenderloin, lightly caramelized in black pepper, garlic and  mushroom soy; served over a bed of shredded lettuce with a lime and black pepper dipping sauce

The beef was SOOOOOOO tender – slightly sweet and delicious. Daddy LOOOOVED it.

And mine….

Crêpes Gourmandes
French crêpes

Au Saumon Fumé: Smoked salmon, crème fraîche and lemon

The crepes were on the thick side… and only half the crepe was filled :[ I like thin thin paper thin crepes but it was still super tasty.  Salmon was on the salty side, much water was consumed.

And obviously I had a side of bacon

THE BACON WAS SO GOOD!!!! Perfectly crisp!!!

Still hungry so we got dessert… the dessert TRIO of course since I’m a greedy fat kid.

Pot K’tis – Sweet Corn with Tapioca and Coconut Milk

It was on the sweet side and really rich – LOOOOVE corn in desserts!!!!

T’peh – Sweet Fermented Black Rice with Fresh Coconut, Coconut Cream and Rum-Soaked Pineapple

Reminded us of  酒酿 but with black rice. SOOO GOOD. Slightly tart with delicious shaved coconut… MMMM and the chew of the black rice… they tasted almost hollow.. chew chew chew – this was also the least sweet of the trio.

Sangkhia – Cambodian Coconut Milk Custard

I. LOVE. CUSTARD. This was my favorite. TEEHEE.

Happy. Full. Fat.  We walked over to Japonaise Bakery, bought some snacks and cheesecake… and headed home….

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