Eating Dinner at the Airport…

Easter ended with champagne, this drink- srsly lethal and tastes like pineapple juice, YUM, video games and then some…. ;D Good times people, good times…

…so waking up late on Monday was a given.

It was a slow morning… er afternoon… definitely hard getting up.  When we finally did we decided to stay super local and headed over to Astor… YUM, always a good choice!

Somehow W could eat his lamb gyro without it exploding all over the place, and then me with my chicken kabob was just everywhere. They have this delicious green spicy sauce MMMMMM to go with it. NOM. I could eat these pitas forever. NOM!

After lunch we wandered about and got some cool books at a used book store.  I didn’t get this but iI love the cover.  I DID however get a SUPER awesome Japanese book with creepy crazy drawings/paintings, apparently an awesome collector’s item and a great addition to my collection of randomly awesome books :D

After some lounging around, munching on apples and helping W pack and iron…. it was time to leave :[

We got to the airport early so after checking in, we stopped by Sam & Harry’s for a bite to eat.  I’d been hungry ALL DAY, despite the yummy chicken kabob pita sammy in my belly…

I was actually drawn to the oysters on ice at the bar but ended up not ordering any…..
Blue Moon to start…

We decided to start with soup… we were gonna both get the New England Clam Chowder but after asking what the soup olf the day was I got that and W got the Chowder.


Mine: Veggie Soup w/ Tomato Base
W: New England Clam Chowder

W likes to add tabasco in his chowder, which is the only time he likes tabasco…  the chowder also had bacon in it so it was smokey and pretty delicious. First time for me having chowder with tabasco and bacon :]  The clams were fresh and plump, so good.

I love tomato based veggie soups.. reminds me of this deli I always used to order from when I lived in Manhattan that had my faaaaaaaaavorite soup :D TEEHEE.

And then we split a French Dip…. YUMMM… it was pretty tasty, but the horseradish sauce was a bit disappointing for me :[ Not horseradishy enough! I like it spiiiicyyyyy!!!!!  It was a bit on the salty side but the meat was delish!  The fries were pretty good too, thick, salty and I liked the greasy, extra-crunchy, over fried ones HAHAHAHA… #glutton

Great great weekend, again :D PLUS I got my first Easter basket thanks to W’s Mommy :D YAYYYY

Glad I got to ride the airplane on a full tummy so I didn’t have to whine and count down the minutes to get my free snack and drink.  I actually assed out reading on the plane and didn’t wake up til we were about to land.  Nice nap :]


  1. graciously68 says:

    the soups look delish! must try tobasco in chowder now =)


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