Winner Winner -Peruvian- Chicken Dinner

Goofing off after a filling lunch – SOOO much moo in me hahahaha – and already getting ready for dinner….

Me eating gummy teeth that I bought W from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

B came over to chill again and after trying to choose roast or fried chicken… we decided on the closer the better… and we headed over to Granja de Oro Chicken a la Braza

We each got the Half Chicken plate.. Can you believe this is only 8 BUCKS?!?!?!?!!?

Delicious Peruvian Roasted Chicken. SOOOO juicy and derrriiiiicious.  The meat wasn’t dry at all and the skinnnn was so fatty and decadent.  TEEHEE…. Here’s a recipe I found online.  I don’t usually roast my own whole chickens… hahaha, except for that one time W did for our dinner party… but it might be fun to try :]

I was the odd ball our and got Yucca Fries instead of regular potato ones :D YUM!

After stuffing ourselves with MORE meat we headed over to Marvin for a drink and to enjoy the nice night.  A few drinks later we decided to head home for the night… hahaha at 10:30PM… this is how we roll on a Saturday night LOL… go home when all the people come out to play. HAHA….



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