What’s Black & Orange? In this case.. a Burger…

You ever just wake up and know you’re hungry… but you’re not sure for what?! This was one of those days….. we slept in til almost 3 so by the time we walked all the way over, it was SUCH a gorgeous day so we HAD to walk…., to get a burger, it was almost 5.  First meal of the day :]

Burger? Burger!

Black & Orange Burger!

Check out their snazzy, small, but delicious menu.

Beer Battered Onion Rings & Fries...

The onions were hot and crispy and thick…  super tasty right out of the fryer… and the fries had a nice crunch to the crisp exterior… dip dip dip – I usually like my fries skinnier but these were tasty.

Plenty of Mayo dipping sauces… Old Bay, Wasabi, Chipotle and Regular

Unwrapping the glory.. and having a nice cold beer

W got a Rogue State and added on BLT :] Cheddar and pickles… NOM
The Rogue State: house spice blend, chipotle, cilantro

I got the No Burger, No Cry and added LT, Pickles, Swiss, Raw Onions and Mushrooms

No Burger, No Cry: house jerk blend, red onion, habanero peppers

Obviously we both got the heavy weight, half pound, burgers… soooo juicy and thick! What kind of pissy gets a smaller one when you have the option of a BIG FAT ONE?!?!?!.. hahaha…

I actually ended up liking the house spice blend, W’s burger, better.  I didn’t really like the jerk blend in my burger… but with tons of mustard it was still delicious.  I originally got a slap of heat in the back of my throat on first bite from the habaneros.. but then I couldn’t get anymore heat.  Next time I want to try the French and the Curry one :]

Disappointed that I didn’t like the jerk blend, I LOOOOOOOVE Jerked meat…  thankfully W says he’ll make some of his yummy jerk blend for me YAYYYYYY – I actually had a good constant bun to burger ratio too.. I usually end up eating the burger and it slides apart, but this actually stayed pretty well intact.  The bun was tasty as well.. fluffy but thick enough for some grip and texture.


And we came back to find these signs, EVERYWHERE


Poor pants :[

Joke of the Day:

Is your fridge running? Yes? Well it probably ran away with your pants!!!!!


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