Indian before a plane ride… Jyoti

We were originally gonna get pho but change of plans led us to…… INDIAN!!!!!!!! Indian always makes me oh so happy :] And this place did not disappoint! It was delicious and filled my tummy well.  I had slept in so we didn’t have much of the day left since I had a plane to catch and I knew I wouldn’t have dinner til probably 10 or 11 that night so Indian at 3 in the afternoon was perfect in filling me up and keeping me happy and full.  Jyoti it is.

Vegetable Samosas

Crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes and peas and deep-fried

Super tasty sauces…

This thing was HUUUUGE and PIPING HOT!  The filling was bursting of flavor and SO MUCH OF IT.  The crust was flakey and not too thin and not too thick, perfection.  It was SOOO GOOD, and I’m not a huge potato eater either, it was hot and burning my mouth but I just kept dipping it in the brown sauce and eating it. NOM

My Chicken Vindaloo

A hot and spicy chicken dish from the South, cooked with potatoes

I asked for it to be extra spicy but it wasn’t :[ The chicken was tender and the sauce was good tho.  It paired deliciously with my saffron rice….nom nom nom! AND the naan :]

W’s Chicken Tikka Makhanwala

Chicken cooked first in the Tandoor and finished in a tomato based gravy

And that iced tea that he got was FREAKING AMAZING.  It was light and FULL of cardamom flavor – YUMMM.. I love cardamom… it needs to be used more in food, it pairs so well with savory and sweet. NOM!

Garlic & Regular Naan

Don’t they look like pizza? HAHAHA… YUM — They were cooked SOOOO deliciously, a bit greasy in the middle, but SOOOOO GOOOD… I was eating the bubbles and crusts!!! You know me… and MMMMM GARLICKY!! I can’t ever stop myself from gorging on stinky foods like garlic and onions!!! TEEHEE…. We could barely finish any of it and even at the point of bursting I was still stuffing as much as I could down my throat. NOM!  No wonder we just went back to the apt and passed out from food coma…….. TEEHEE

We got to the airport early so we watched some planes take off and land…. so pretty

I stopped by the Sam Adams place in my terminal for a sip of Cherry Wheat… it was a bit too sweet for my liking but it smelled OH SO nice – I ended up just sniffing it the whole time….

No One Likes Me :[ HAHAHAHA jk

Unfortunately for me, and fortunate for everyone not around me, I had the whole first row to myself on the plane ride back home.  Remember: Belly full of Indian HAHAHA just kidding I don’t get the “curry sh*ts” :]  But thanks Jetblue for my water and Terra Blue Chips again :D

Back in the Bean

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