Dinner and some Movies… Ps7 + Japanese Fest

After a delicious, and relaxing, afternoon…. feels like I’ve been here forever already…. we started planning for dinner and a movie marathon with B.

We were originally going to meet up with B at Graffiato… [I had dreams of burrata and pizza while we rode in the taxi] but B got there first and said it was PACKEDDDDD.. so since we were on a schedule to see movies… we made a quick change of plans and headed to PS7 – another place W used to work at.

Settled in at the corner of the bar, nice and comfy, I had some bubbly, B got some beer.. and W.. kept getting really bad coke.. but it’s okay, he finally got a nice good glass LOL.

Talk. Drink. Order. EAT!!!

We totally didn’t order this, or at least I don’t remember ordering it, but they brought some over, weeeeeeee.. I definitely remember reading about them on the menu and having my tummy gurgle…

Pull Apart Pork Sticky Buns

Sweet Dough with Pork Confit and Brown Sugar Spice Glaze

SOOO FREAKING GOOD.. I could’ve eaten a TUB of them… they were like dessert with MEAT!!! Sweet, sticky and amazing.  Orgasmically so… I’d totally have them for a meaty, slightly savory, dessert. MMMMMMMMM, I love my piggie, this just totally one-upped the pork cupcakes – which was also amazing, but def not desserty like this.

Fried Cheesy Goodness..

I don’t remember exactly what they were called.. cheese spring rolls? Some sort of new take on mozz sticks? They were goat cheese and black outside?! I totally forget #lame… maybe cuz I didn’t have one – I SUCK. But it was goat cheese.. and I wasn’t in the mood for any LOL…

I did want to try the chicken & waffles…. but was afraid that I couldn’t finish.. good thing I didn’t order a ton of the yummy looking apps too, cuz my entree was HUGE. Lots of must-try’s tho next time I’m there.

OK, on to the entrees, funnily enough we all got SAMMYS.. well sorts of…

B got the OMFG Dip

porchetta, caramelized onions, gruyere, country bread, smoked jus

He let me have a bite. DELICIOUS jus…. crunchy chewy bread, AMMMMAAAZING innards.. MMM meaty and delicious. This was SOOOO GOOOD…. may get this next time I come :]

W got the “Primanti Brothers” Special
Apparently he ALWAYS gets this.. teehee

soppressata, fried egg, provolone, pepper slaw, french fries on fresh sourdough

THIS WAS SO GOOD. It’s basically everything and the kitchen sink… with shoe-string fries OMG… AMAZING… :]

And by W’s suggestion AND the waiter’s super thumbs up – he said he eats these ALL the time – I got HOT DOOOOOOOGS

The Peoples Half Smoke

house made half smoke, white veal chili, aged cheddar cheese, dijon mustard

THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY. I haven’t had a hot dog in awhile and have been craving….. so when W and the waiter suggested… OF COURSE I said YESSSSSSSS…. the Chili was SOOOO GOOD… I could eat a TUBS of this chili… OMG it was SOOOOO GOOOOOOD…. a hint of heat, super meaty and full of flavor… no wonder I passed out for a few minutes during the first movie during our marathon.. I smothered the spicy mustard on the yummy hot dogs OMG and INHALED!!! the bread was a bit thicker than my liking but still super tasty.

The movie theatre we went to actually sold alcohol.. and not only glasses of beer, wine and liquor  BUT… BOTTLES, yes FULL BOTTLES of wine.

Cashier: What wine would you like?

Hahaha also got TONS of candyyyyyy

This is what happened when you drink before and during a movie marathon in the middle of the night…

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Beautiful. Must watch again and then own. Made me crave sushi like BADDDD….

Next up was the midnight showing of THIS…  f*ck the Hunger Games, it’s all about Battle Royale. OG Bitches!


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