LaFrieda Black Angus Ribeyes a la Me

So the other week was Steak & BJ Day… and I special ordered us Pat LaFrieda steaks… sexy Black Angus Bone In Ribeyes… And before I get into how delicious it was… I have a small gripe to pick.

I got them next day delivered and paid like 40$ for shipping for it, but they didn’t come til the following week, almost a week later! WTF! Okay, fine, I wrote them an email the day I thought I was going to get them and didn’t even get a reply until 2 days later :[ Boo!

And okay I get it I ordered them on Thursday at midnight, but still, get my order right – I didn’t order burgers, lady.  Sigh, okay, fine, but the steak was good.

“Pasture raised, grass fed, grain finished, center cut, Rib steaks.

Breed: 100 percent black angus, genetically certified
No Antibiotics – EVER!
No Added Hormones – EVER!
No Growth Promoting Drugs – EVER!
No Artificial Ingredients – EVER!
100% Vegetarian Diet of grasses, hay, and finished on corn
Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth
Humane Animal Handling Practices”

I still have one in the freezer, since the timing was off, but I did have one the other day.  They come in packages like this… and I bought two, delicious 16 oz of amazing.

I opened it up, seasoned it with coffee, cinnamon, cayenne, salt & pepper and pan fried it on a sizzling hot pan.  As the fat melted, I added in some whole garlic in with the fat and flipped it.  Jus a few minutes on each side gave it a wonderful medium rare… rare near the bone.

Look at that sexy pool of fat on top :] NOM!

The cinnamon gave it almost a bit of a sweet taste… the coffee added lots of depth and the cayenne gave it a touch of heat. I ate it with a nice glass of Chianti. NOM

Even Didi enjoyed it :]  It was a fatty piece of meat but oh so juicy!

I ate EVERYTHING.. except some of the fatty bits, and this was all that was left.. gnaw gnaw gnaw.. gnawed on the bone!

Can’t wait to make my other one on my next solo dinner date with myself and my puppy :D

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