Brunner… at Ted’s Bulletin

After being sick all of Saturday and into Sunday…. only being able to hold a Peachie-O in my stomach for over 24 hours… just made me really really really hungry for some real food. W and I headed to Eastern Market late in the day – dumbest taxi driver ever, didn’t know where the hell he was going SIGH, met up with two of W’s good friends and we wandered around the flea market and then went to look for food. NEED. FOOD. We were all hangry :] #rawr After going to a couple of places, some with brunch, some without, some with wait, we ultimately went back to our first choice: Ted’s Bulletin – didn’t stop us from buying some Girl Scout cookies first tho :] YAYYY Thin Mints!!!

But YAYYYYY  Ted’s Bulletin serves breakfast ALLL DAYYYYYY!!!!!

Guess what this is?

I love this place. It’s like almost a cute sort of diner feel and they play old black and white shows and cartoons on the big screen TEEHEE. They have milkshakes, adult milkshakes and a pletttthora of yummy sounding food.

I had the perfect view of the teevee.. hahaha

BTW it was the front and back of the menu :D

I started off with a super spicy Bloody Mary… rimmed with sriracha and chili pepper flakes…

The waiter said no one ever licked off the rim before, so I did it. WOOHOO first person :D Sadly this wasn’t really spicy, it was good tho, but also tiny :[ I need my big spicy bloody marys hahaha….

[ the appetizers are not photographed]

W got the Soup O’ Day which was this yummy super creamy potato soup and J & S split a full Wedge salad [Baby iceberg, egg, tomato, onion, bacon, Maytag Blue cheese *Gorgonzola Blue dressing]- I wish I got a pic of it, it was like the UUBER Wedge… HUGE with tons of this delicious creamy blue cheese… tomatoes, eggs, it was amazing, it was like half of a head… yum!

So W was gonna get a burger and grits but after hearing S order his food, he switched to ribs as well… Ribs for the boys and breakfast for the girls!!!!

Bib Time for W :D Hahaha.. so cute

Whole Rack of Ribs w/ Fries & Coleslaw

Apple and Hickory Smoked Pork, Half Savannah Mustard Sauce, Half Kansas City Red & Cider BBQ

Both were DELICIOUS.. the ribs were SUPPPPER meaty and fatty and amazingly juicy.  Fall of the bone, melt in your mouth and just a few of these ribs totally knocked the boys out. I think they both only got thru like 4 or 5 of them….

S’s Ribs w/ Onion Rings & Coleslaw

Bib Time for S

And I got the T.U.B.S. (Ted’s Ultimate Breakfast Sammy)

Texas Toast, Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, Sausage, Bacon, Cheddar – Served w/ Hash Browns

YEP! A huge breakfast platter all stuffed between yummy pieces of toast.  This was sooo good, not to mention perfectly crispy hash… LOVE IT. Not soggy at all and spread so thin that each piece got a nice crunch to it. HAPPY. I smothered my sandwich in hot sauce and it killed me after just HALF!  That’s a lot of breakfast in each bite. NOM.

I also got a homemade pop tart, they had a lot of different flavors, but how could I resist this one?! It’s got my name written all over it.  I’ve only had a homemade pop tart once before but this was just as tasty, def a different take on it then at Tremont 647 and def a lot more like a real pop tart. [Both were yum btw]

Bacon & Peanut Butter Pop Tart

I only had some tho… since I was soooo full.. and it got a bit cold since I waited til the end, I say eat it while it’s hot :]

We are all ready to grub!!!!!

Ok, so this weekend didn’t exactly got as planned…. food poisoning and being sick and basically staying in for most of the weekend.. BUTTTTTT…. a great start at Bourbon Steak and a great end :]  And, as always, a good time with W :]

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