Korean Brunch at Mandu and then off to the National Air and Space Museum

I woke up craving a delicious Bloody Mary… I had nightmares all night, I’m such a 2 year old, due to ALL that yummy food from last night… hahaha probably ate too late and ate way too much for my own good – thank goodness my metabolism still semi-works – but YES woke up not hungry.. and then suddenly turned STARVING! SOOOOOOO… why not have a Korean brunch?!  Yeah, never had a korean brunch.. but then we walked downto Mandu, sooo pretty out, and I saw “Soju Bloody Mary” on a sign outside and my heart skipped a beat. WOOHOOOOOOOO

[if you’re curious about the Korean Brunch Plate, as was I, I ordered it the next time I came here for brunch! YUM]

MMMMMMMMMMMM so happy!!!!! We sat at the bar and ordered…

Soju Bloody Mary

THIS WAS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD – I’m a huge fan of Soju AND Bloody Marys so why not all together?! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

Everyone at the bar got a little yogurt drink treat – YUM! My fav!

Banchan 반찬

INHALED – note: INHALED!!!! MMMM I love the spicy pickled cucumbers… kimchi cucs <3

Kimchi Jjigae

kimchi soup w/ pork and tofu

WEEEEEEEEEEEE spicy and happy and piping hot :] SUCH A comfort food of mine.. makes me miss going to BCD Tofu House for takeout all the time when living in the City.

Duru Jjigee

marinated and spiced pork belly sauteed w/
kimchi and rice cakes, served with steamed tofu

Fatty juicy tender pork, YUMMMY chewy QQ Duk and tender steamed tofu :] NOM – Now I know why W always gets this when he comes here! YUM What a great way to start off the day.. I’m always pretty weaksauce when it comes to first meals.. good thing we have plans for later on…. UNTIL then….

National Air and Space Museum


Where’s Tom Hanks?!

I crawled into the kiddie tunnel, like dove head first into it – SOOO cramped and tiny.. but now I feel like one of the cool kids.. literally.. kids…

HAHA. They found Uranus’ Rings :D GET IT? GET IT? #dirtylittleboyhumor

SOOOOO Thirsty and SOOOOO hungry, plus the museum is gonna be closing soon… ANNNNNND the food event is about to start… time to Lamb Jam!


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