Beginning the Adventures by ending the night at Jack Rose and waking up to a LOT of piggie

Got nothing else to do… why not fly to another state?!

CEE DEE. DEE CEE. cd. dc.

guess where I am?

As soon as I got into town, I got picked up with a HUUUUUUGE delicious sub, yummy peach tea, and some habanero chips NOM NOM NOM… after inhaling that on the carride into town, I continued the fattie journey inhaling pho – with the works – and a yummy drink of young coconut. No going out for dinner.. But happily got two delicious ones without having to go anywhere teehee – was also too distracted but the fabulously horrible movie Your Highness. Yep, I actually watched the whole thing. *for shame*  After a quick freshening up we headed a few blocks down to Jack Rose to see A and meet up with some of W’s friends. Time for a little drink and play.

Check out ALL THOSE WHISKEY BOTTLES!!! They have a thick ass menu, basically BOOK, of whiskeys. INSANITY!

The beginnings of their delicious Gin & Tonic

Yes. Rosemary YUM

My first champagne drink of the night “Please make me something bubbly and not too sweet”… some St. Germain, bitters, sugar, etc… YUM… the next derink I had was upstairs and contained Rum and all sorts of boozey goodness :]

Cooking bacon in lardo with spoons… only a chef

Isn’t this SOOO sexy?! Lardo AND Bacon… super super delicious fatty smokey bacon OMG… drooling just at the memory of this. AMAZING!

Better than sex:

Definition of Happiness

Bacon/Lardo Fat Fried Eggs, Butter & Bacon/Lardo Fat Toast with the Lardo Fried Bacon OMG….. And a viet iced coffee :D

OMG that lardo just MELLLLLTED into piggie goodness in my mouth… HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!

OK OK. Time to playyyyyyyyyyyy………


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