Cut Off – Only in Bumf*ckville

The day started like any other. Off to meetings, feeling like a cool kid with my hedgehog sweater…

I’m so cool it HURTS!

A venti ice black coffee + Turkey & Swiss sammy from Starbucks for lunch.. a quickie one.. I had to run some errands for my mom, do some grocery shopping…… and then MORE meetings and work… *sigh*

Around 3 I was starving again so I warmed up a bowl of corn, egg and scallion soup from the other night – TONS of white pepper of course :] MMMMMM spicy and hot and burns so good going down.


It started snowing around noonish so apparently this meant “storm” but it’s only considered a storm since this year was severely lacking IN snow. Sigh. This was NOTHING.

Work work work, I need a break.  Thankfully M saved me from Bumf*ckville…

We’re on a mission….. and I love missions.  M headed over to pick me up for oysters and bubbles, again, and this time we were on a mission to Legals.  A dozen Raw Oysters and a bottle of Champagne ordered….

We also got a plate of Mussels in a creamy white wine sauce, super garlicky, and of course, my favorite, a bucket of Steamers.  As we finished up out bottle of bubbles we ordered another bottle and was about to order crab cakes and a few entrees, we were told we were cut off. One bottle an hour. Wait what?  We’ve been there for almost 2.  So the manager comes over and stutters and mutters and doesn’t know what he’s saying. Back and forth from one glass per person per hour to two, and then back to no more bottles and if we got another glass of wine we were done for the night. Seriously?! All we had was our appetizers and we were cut off and told to drink water. NOT happy. So we got the check and left. At least they comped our steamers….

Manager said it was Framingham laws but I’ve never gotten cut off anywhere BUT here in the area. SO lame.

Next stop?  It wasn’t even 8 yet and we were already cut off.  We were gonna head to British Beer but then decided on Met Bar since I needed their Hummus.

We ordered a glass of white wine each…. and started to dig in….

They even gave us another basket of fluffy hot pita bread – SO good.. we also got Met Fries with Truffle Mayo and Aioli, Spicy Calamari, Guacamole and Chips, a pitcher of Sangria [too sweet and tasted just like watered down juice] and Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos

Pretty but not tasty.  SO not KOREAN.  Or very taco like either. Or BBQ… there was something WAY too sweet in it.. almost floral and fruity, weird, not a fan.   The wraps/shells were meh.  They closed the kitchen at 9 and last call for drinks was at 930. SERIOUSLY?! At least they left us with some harsh cocktails during alcohol last call.. UGH, closing early?!?! On a Wednesday night?!?!  All cause of the nonexistent snowstorm going on…. it was literally just a light slush.  No bueno.


We ended up at a Cigar bar near my house that actually stays open til midnight on the weekdays.  “Now you have a good place to come to in Bumf*ckville” :] Some good booze, think scotch and in a very chill environment we chatted and watched fights on the teevee. CAULIFLOWER EARS *ew* hahahaha…. but yes, midnight rolled around and once again. CUT OFF :[

The night ended with me running around in the snow outside my house.. foot prints everywhere HAHAHAHA….

I’m weird :]

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