“The Indian Food is throwing me off…” – Brunch at Taj Cafe & the Butterfly Garden

Me and W had brunch at the Taj Cafe and seeing the menu completely threw me off. I’m a HUUUUUGE savory brunch person…. eggs are a must.. but then seeing the yummy lunch and indian lunch items along with the normal brunch menu freaked me out. UM UM UM. A bellini first please. W already knew what he wanted. DAMN I was thinking of going Indian…….. EGGS? Boring….  I almost got a boring omelette or benedict.. OKAY FINE.  Get the thing I crave all the time and rarely get anymore. Waffles.

Waffles. They’ll always remind me of visiting daddy for dinner at MIT.  DIY waffles COVERED in super syrupy sugary blueberries…. always a good memory of 5th grade.  Waffles it is.

For some weird reason I thought he was gonna get the Butter Chicken Masala but I SWEAR this is totally the

Chicken Biryani

Chicken & Saffron Rice cooked encaserole, yogurt & blend of spices

I blame the heat, the sun, the sun IN my eyes, the heat on my back, switching seats, etc… and probably a few bellinis on me NOT knowing what he got BUT that it was delicious. NOM! I stole a few bites of everything :]

And then I got the, yes, Waffles

Belgian Waffle with Berries and Honey Cream

Fluffy, light and decadent. Need I say more?

And of course more bellinis and a side of bacon. W got a delicious Mango Lassi to go with the Indian theme. MMMM…

And then we went to the Museum of Science


They landed on HIM but not ME! WTF?!

W with the Best couple ever


BBest bag ever…

After more randomness at the Museum of Science *LOVE* Lightening Room, Body Exhibit, etc etc….. OOOO and I ALSO LOVE THE NEW FOOD ONE…

I need this book *hint hint*

We also got a lot of…. Space Ice Cream MMMMMMMM……

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