Nothing Mini about Minibar at the Copley Square Hotel

I was hungry.  SOOO hungry especially since W ate the rest of my sammy.. good thing we ate a lot.  but we HAD to watch How I Met Your Mother. OK fine let’s just get a quickie bite of small eats… I’ve been wanting to go to Minibar for awhile and was just too damn lazy to cross the street everytime I was shopping Copley – I even had a groupon or a Gilt thing for this. Ooops.

Our waitress was SO cute :] We both had bright red lipstick on *instant connection* hahahaha…

I started off with this, our waitress’ recommendation…


Supposed to be with Gin but I got it with Vodka [recommendation from Waitress]…. St. Germain, Rosemary, Lemon & Grapefruit

It was super yummy so I got another one after I slurped this up.  The food came out kinda slow so I was pretty much done with my first glass when it came.

These actually came out last, which I’m not used to, but I wanted to put it first so everything would seem right in the world.

Garnished Local Oysters

I’m not a huge fan of pre-garnished oysters, I like to DIY with tabasco, lemon, horseradish, cocktail sauce… Wasn’t too into the red pepper but they were fresh :]

Za´atar Fried Chicken Wings

These were hot and delicious.  It was strange cuz usually I wouldn’t like a wing with a spice crust like this, it was thick and covered it but it was SOOOO GOOD :] So nice to eat a different kind of wing every now and then. Altho my heart will always belong to Hooters HAHAHAHA #classy…. and Firefly’s GIAAAANTTTT wings YUM

Parmesan & Herb Pomme Frites with Black Truffle Aioli

I. Love. Frites.

That is all. These were DEEEEEEEEEEVOURED.

Mini Burgers / Grilled New England Ground Beef / Vermont Sharp Cheddar / Spicy Aioli

Got them medium rare, but they came out more on the rare side which I l  I looooove!!!! These were so cute and the bun was nice and fluffy… nice thick juicy meat  WHICH I LOVE – just say no to thin flimsy patties – MMMMM… pickle!  I didn’t taste any spicy Aioli but the cheese was also a nice thick layer MMMMMM…. Need mustard.



g’nite folks

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