Saturday, Sunday Funday and 16$ Prime Rib Night at Bullfinchs for Prez Day

Didi loves her new friend Pink Taco :] Pink Taco misses her sister, Pink Taco who’s now in Frisco with Kelly.

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a long one, I decided to squish the whole long weekend into one post – SO DEAL! I don’t think I need to post my Cartman youtube video again.

OK so to be honest, I had other plans for this Sunday and Monday.  But after a delicious dinner at Met Bar + Grill and a bit of crazy family drama after… [I am ASIAN after all…*rolls eyes*]

Anyways I knew things were gonna come so I had a Blueberry Beer.. and a cocktail, Shooting Star, and then some… ugh to anxiety

Guacamole & Chips, I love how fresh they make it!


Burger with Pulled Pork, Fried Egg, Fries & Pickle

Miso Salmon

Burger in a Arugula Bowl: Kobe Beef, Fried Egg, Foie Gras, Sauteed Mushrooms, Red Onion, Bibb, Sprouts, Jalapenos & Swiss

Warm Chocolate Chip Pie

THEN the drama while home watching a movie and drinking some great red wine…. And then it was the whole awkward, I’m gonna act like nothing happened….

I was at Brunch at Bullfinchs [My favorite neighborhood restaurant] on Sunday…. Me and my family are regulars there and we know the owner :]  Well, kinda, she recognizes us [which is pretty easy to do I guess] and knows my name hahaha… I live in SUCH a white town tho, aside from the Chinese restaurants I never see any minorities here.

Bellinis!!!! How come I’ve never gotten them here? I’m such a big mimosa and bloody mary girl… but lately I’ve been getting into Bellinis…

Carbo loading before we get our food…. I LOOOOVE their bread plates!!! I’d call them muffins but they’re totally cupcakes, scones, coffee cake, etc.. lots of fresh soft butter and raspberry jam!

My bellini!!!  With a gorgeous slice of fresh peach in it :] YUM!  It was SUCH a treat at the end of the drink…. super super boozey hahaha

I got my favorite omelette there with Spinach, Mushrooms and Tomatoes with wheat toast and obviously a side of Bacon

I also stole some of my dad’s HUGE Italian Sausages… [that sounds so dirty] but these things are HUUUUUGE juicy and AMAZZZZZZZING!!!

I was SOOO hungry still after my meal tho… I stole my parents’ toast and munched on them.. :] LOVE whole grain bread.. the more seeds and nuts the better!  Extra butter please….

Afterwards I headed to Chestnut Hill / Newton with the puppy for coffee, snacks and just to wander. Beautiful day.

I actually had been braising some delicious Pork Butt all day since 10am…. so when I went home I made the rest of Taco Night.. YES.. my famous taco night.. I finally got to treat my parents to it.  Just seemed wrong that I’d spend so long making this dinner for guys I date, usually one of the first things I ever make a guy, and not my own parents.

Spicy Mango Corn Salsa

Habanero Guacamole with Pom Seeds

After 8+ hours of braising in the oven… deliciousness… this was right when I started pulling the Pork Butt apart <3 The right chunk was sooo fatty and amazing!!

My first taco of the night :]  With all the fixin’s… and tons of super super super spicy salsa verde and jicama strips… YUM!

.. BUT YEAH… Back to being at Bullfinch’s for brunch…. so I was there and saw that was having a PRIME RIB night on President’s Day for only 16$ a plate. OMG. Baked Potato, GINORMOUS hunk of delicious fatty juicy meat and veggies galore… MMMMM.. so ready for it’s close up. So here’s how President’s Day went:

After a quickie brekky of oatmeal I headed into town to lunch and shop with Mommy..

Oatmeal, Kiwi, and Short Skirt sort of day…

Saw an ad for this, need to get ON this shizz. But YAY Godfather bought me tickets to goooooo <3 SOOO HAPPY!! I LOOOOVE Les Mes.. I hadn’t seen it since.. Middle School? Frosh of HS?! I don’t remember.. but I remember going on the FRENCH class field trip even tho I was taking spanish cuz the teacher loved me :] HAHAHA…. We went to NYC for the day :D AWESOME!! I think it was the first time I ever went to Manhattan!!!

Even tho I had brekky super late in the day I was starved so I stopped by O Sushi for a few snacks… this was like 1/10 of what I ate, but these are prettier pictures…


Super crusty fresh made Fluffy Bread. OMG this was SOOOO amazing. SOOO GOOD.. Rosemary EVOO, Soft fluffy creamy butter and OMG this bread I could eat for days!!!

Filet of Sole

Roasted filet of sole finished with a Dijon dill vinaigrette; served with vegetable and harvest rice pilaf

It tasted a bit too mayo-y so I wasn’t so into it.. but mommy liked it :] But the star of the night was obviously the prime rib… we decided to share this and a fish dish but in retrospect we should’ve gotten our own.

Prime Rib

Baked Potato, Horseradish and sour cream. I DEVOURED EVERYTHING except just a bit of the fat, there was a lot of fat BUT I love fat. HAHAHAHA.. but large chunks of it IS a bit too much even for me…. DELICIOUS tho. Got it Medium Rare cuz mom wanted it medium and I wanted it rare #compromise!

A few glasses of wine later, we were ready to pop but still wanting sweets….

Dessert sampler…

Starting Top Left CW: Limoncello Cheesecake,  Crème Brulée, Chocolate Mousse, Warm Apple Crisp w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite was the apple crisp. I LOOOVE warm desserts, I even have a battle scar from this dessert to prove it.  The limoncello cheesecake was full of flavor but just WAY. TOO. SWEET #sigh…  delicious and we licked the plate clean, nonetheless… AHHHH…. #diabetes


I have a thing for Bologna Lunchables ;D

Which always reminds me of “Mortadella.. the fancier version of Bologna”

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