CHEERS to being a Tourist, the Aquarium and Sharks game!

After a long crazy night of Teenybopper Party cooking, lap-dancing and partying….

The next day we headed into town for a day of being a tourist with Kelly :]  First stop?! Faneuil Hall…. and why not be SUPER touristy and eat at Cheers!!! Hahaha…

So much flashes…

Kate ended up giving me a caffeine pill which I chased down with Dunkies’ Iced Coffee SOOOOOOO… on an empty stomach?! By the time we got INTO town I felt like I was on CRACK. I couldn’t stop moving, shaking and I wanted to puke.  Hence, NEED FOOD ASAP.

1/2 off Mozzarella Sticks thanks to FourSquare WOOHOO!

Kelly’s everyday face! We were good and drank water… hahaha no booze cuz of too much from last nite lol

My Grilled Chicken Taco Salad

Grilled chicken, fresh lettuce, tomato, peppers, cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream served in a crisp taco bowl.

WEEEEE soooo much chicken…. I asked for not sour cream and extra extra salsa YUM!  TONS of fresh crispy veggies!!! Needed more lettuce tho… and chunkier guac.. I don’t like super smooth guacamole, it freaks me out…

Kelly’s  Cheeseburger

Fresh ground sirloin topped with lettuce, tomato, Bermuda  onions and American cheese on a toasted bun

Where do I even begin to say that Kelly inhaled this with 10lbs of ketchup on her ketchup on her food :] She loves ketchup.. you’ll learn more about that later on…

Mike’s *Special of the Day* Chicken Parm Sandwich

He claimed it was delicious and sandwichy and chickeny and parm-y… he hated it so much he licked the plate clean ;]

Kate’s Classic Caesar Salad Wrap

Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with Melville’s secret  Caesar dressing, garlic croutons & Parmesan cheese.

She’s also pickle hoarding on her plate hehehe…. but she shared :] YUM! They tasted like fresh made.

Kelly loves her ketchup!!!! … on her ketchup!!!

We are dorks :]

We shopped around and then decided to gooooo tooooo….

Aquarium Time!!!


Touch Tank – Manta Rays & Sharks


Which one are you?



I iz big fish?!

“I want to eat you”

Lady next to me said “I agree, dried and salted” hahahahaha…. creepy


Why you no call me back the next day?



Walking like an old asian man :]


We both have pink Tacos :] hahahaha…

And then off to Worcester for the Sharks game!!!!


Another FIGHT FIGHT, 13 vs 13 hahaha


I bought all the girls scary clown pops

MOOOOON!!! Kelly’s Hubby #1 – she has 3 on the team!

and then I got Pretzel envy.. so CHOMP

Why you no love me Kelly?!


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  2. […] Crispity crunchity, skinny potato-y heaven!!! I loved the middle ones the most… great spices, but I’m a ‘tard and can’t remember what they were :[ SIGHHHHH… delicious nonetheless.. and THOUSAND ISLAND!!!! So asian.. I miss Kelly. […]


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