Brunch at Gaslight

Dim Sum? Gallows? Gaslight?  W wanted to try Gaslight awhile back so I figured why not plan a fun brunch there!  I’ve only had their food at several Boston food events soooooo…. why not try the real deal?!

So bring on the Bellinis and let’s get eating….  I picked up my W from the airport and soon after we headed over to GaslightYUM.  Brunch time with W’s friends :]

We all started off with some Raw Local Oysters on the Halfshell.. DELICIOUS!!!

Sexy sexy…. East Coast oysters make me sooooooooo happy :] Talk about aphrodisiac.


Ah yes, good old oysters, the cliché of all aphrodisiac foods. Oysters have long been thought to have aphrodisiac properties, but very few studies have been conducted on the matter.

One thing that brings credibility to the oyster myth is the fact that these slippery critters are full of zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which have a positive effect on the libido. Zinc deficiency can cause impotence in men, so any food rich in zinc is considered an aphrodisiac in that respect, and oysters happen to be loaded with the mineral.

Many believe that oysters were originally labeled “aphrodisiac” because of their shape. Upon close inspection, they somewhat resemble the female sex organ. This could be a reason why people in the past associated mussels with sexuality. Sexual appetite, more often than not, starts in the mind rather than in the body, so oysters could have a psychological effect on the libido.

[Source: Ask Men]

Me being creepy and taking a pic of W taking a pic of his soup… MMMMM….. [and I’m MMM-ing at eating his brains AND eating his soup!] HEHEHEHHE… W thinks I’m so creepy… but I just smile and stare.

French Onion Soup with Truffled Beef Short Rib

I actually don’t remember if I could taste the truffle or not, but the soup was rich and intense… the cheese was ooey and gooey… YUM! OK so it wasn’t no…… My Bone Marrow Short Rib French Onion Soup with 3 Cheese Croissant….. *cough*


A’s Truffled Scrambled Egg Tartine with Roasted Asparagus

These were beautifully fluffy, super truffly, smelled delicious and just were happiness!!! I’m SUCH an egg person so great eggs are a big deal for me.  These were great.

My Poached eggs Vigneronne with red wine sauce, ham and mushrooms
I also got bacon on the side.. the bacon was disappointing.. seriously Gaslight?! Did you guys go to Stop&Shop and get ghetto skinny lame bacon and make it for me?!  Missing Resto’s and Publican’s…. I LOVE BACON. DUH. I need it nice and thick and amazing.  Not flimsy and chewy. Sorry.

My entree dish on the other hand was amazing.  The poached eggs were a bit ovedone for my liking but I loved the red wine sauce.. the mushrooms and the thin matchsticks of ham.  I’m not a huge ham person but it was quite tasty!

A’s Fiance got the Steak & eggs with rosemary black pepper biscuit and gravy [top, the guy Nomming!] and W got the Sandwich Cubano with roast pork, tasso ham, gruyēre, pickles and frites
The cubano was really good :]  W gave me half cuz we decided to order more food. What can I say?! I’m a hungry girl.  Makes me want to go back to Miami… And I love the pickles.. When I’m in South Beach I always ask for extra pickles in my cubano HAHAHAHA… AND WTF! The frites are AMAZING.

Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels with Pernod, Coriander and Frites

Hehehehe we ordered Mussels but W doesn’t even eat them. I’m fat. I ate most of them :] I do share tho.. even tho I never learned how to ;] I’m obsessed with mussels.. but you guys know that already. I’m always down for mussels & frites. WOOOO!!! I’ve eaten several buckets of the stuff.

We also got some Caramelized Banana Crépes with Almond Cream

These were amazing.  W is a great feeder, altho each bite would be like a whole crepe… hahahahahah… I’m a Tiffie and I neds to be fed.

And then A and her boo, J, got the Vanilla French Toast stuffed with sweet fromage blanc and maple syrup

They shared and it was SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!! I don’t think I’ve had French Toast since the disasater at Masa…. this was FLUFFY and amazing. Makes me want to eat French Toast again. Thank you for regaining my confidence in French Toast :]

Afterwards we headed over to the New England Aquarium where we had the most amazing fun time!

Pooping Penguins!!! I’ve named them after me and and W :]

PEEKABOOBOO.. the Sea Turtle!!!

And since we were nearby… we actually ended up at Mike’s Pastry buying cannolli’s and Lobster Tails in the North End.

And I’m gonna end this post with this:


YES BITCH. This is in me!

W, come back to me and Boston soon ♥


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