A night out at Turner’s Fisheries

My parents’ best friends’ kid is in Boston for school so on Holidays my parents’ like to take him out to eat. We were a little behind for CNY but espeically since I’ve been sick so we rescheduled for the other day…. my mom and I got to Copley Center a bit early to shop around a bit and met up with him for dinner around 7 at Turner Fisheries – yum!  I haven’t been here in a long time so it was good to be back, usually when I’m in the shopping center there I just head to O Sushi to eat [which is right next door]

While my mom met up with the kid I got our table and had a glass of bubbly while I waited…

Yummy bread basket…

It’s 1$ Oysters woohoo!!!! So of course I had to order some for us.  East Coast, local, obviously, my fav, and SOOOO delicious!

1$ Oysters


cured vine-ripened tomato, chorizo, sauvignon blanc

So delicious and full of flavor.  The chorizo is crumbled and the tomato were like fluffy flavor punches like a sun-dried tomato…. the sauce was simply fantastical.  I licked this bowl clean… great for sopping up with bread!


pappadew peppers, capers, roasted garlic aioli

I don’t like it when the aioli gets poured all over the calamari because it makes it softer.  But they were lightly fried, barely battered and delicious.


butternut ragout, cannellini beans, broccoli rabe

Mommy ordered this and she loved it.  The Broccoli Rabe was a bit on the oily side but the ragout was sweet and delicious and paired well with the simply cooked bass.


salsify, snow pea, cara cara orange horseradish sauce

I didn’t get to try this, but the kid seemed to love it and ate it clean.


northern shrimp, bay scallops, mussels, hook caught haddock, saffron tomato broth, rouille

Obviously this was mine! I looooooove seafood soups… I wish there was more shellfish in it but everything was perfectly cooked and super fresh.  The flavors were banging and the fish was SOOOO tender.  The rouille was buttery, cheesy and seafood-y. YUM


butternut squash gelato

This was DELICIOUS.  The gelato was the best part!  Tasted like Thanksgiving happiness.  The pecan pie itself was a little tart and SOOO GOOD – it wasn’t overly sweet or rich and was chock full of delicious pecans. NOM!


raspberry coulis

A bit on the sweet side but delicious layers of chocolate, hazelnut mousse and chocolate cake.  A delicious and super sweet way to end a nice light meal.


  1. Everything looked delicious!


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