Fun, Play & Wine + Chocolate SDLT “Wine Tuesday”… oh and Bieber Fever… with @hiieitskel

My Kelly Belly is in town….which means craziness together. I love this bitch ;] <3

And look she’s got red lips too, just like me ;]

Since it was her Birthday while she was here :] Feb 6 for the Nick Carter concert :D

I AM An Epic Dance Party. All the time.

I met Bieber… his personality was “flat” hahaha… [props to M for coming up with that one LOL]

Adventures of Giraffe and Koala… what sounds do they make?!

This is for Mike: SO GREEN!! OH MY GREEN!!!

Still Sober…

We finally got old and tired and went to Sel de la Terre early after crashing a bit on the comfy chairs in the mall… hahahaha… we got some cocktails before the dinner began. What can I say?! We’re old and loud. We were fob-talking all day. Now we can’t stop.

How can we refuse Wine AND Chocolate?

Fig Manhattan

SOOOOO Bourbon-y, one sip and it knocks you out.

Peche Royale

The girliest drink hahaha but I love it.. sweeter than usual tho…

“Why you get bread and no eat? Back in day, I don’t get bread, I eat AIR!”

Everyone else got a bread basket but us. I got bread basket envy and asked for one – WOOOOOO!!!!!

First Course
Bacon and Frisee Salad with White Chocolate Vinaigrette

Paired with: 2009 Joh. Haart, Piesporter Treppchen, Riesling, Mosel, Germany

This was surprisingly good. White Chocolate Vinaigrette? Super interesting.. it wasn’t a strong taste and it wasn’t heavy at all, it was OH-SO very lightly tossed in it.. the frisee was fresh and oh so refreshing.. some candied pistachios and delicious crisp fatty bacon chunks on top. YUM!

Even Kelly ate some of her bacon [she’s not a bacon girl] but she did leave some on her plate.. I was trying to be a lady and not pick off her plate :] My heart did cry a little when the plate was carried off with some pork belly still on it… *dripping tears* hahaha…

Second Course
Cocoa and Coffee Crusted Vension with Spaetzle and Roasted Root Vegetables

Paired with: 2009 Vina Sastre, Tinto, Ribera del Duero, Spain

The venison was cooked Medium Rare and oh so juicy and good. The spaetzle was tender and delicious and I looooved the root veggie mix with it.  BUT oh the venison.  Our neighbors actually didn’t even want it. But it was also the same girl who ate no frisee and only ate the bacon haha weird. But me and Kelly ate this right up – I told her not to eat too much bread but she had like SO much that after this dish she was stuffed…

I didn’t really taste the coffee/cocoa crust but it was perfectly seasoned! Not gamey at all, so so tender, melted in my mouth… Sometimes I find their dishes a bit salty but this was yummy!

Kelly approved!!!

We had to start double fisting the drinks… hahahha…

Main Course
Chicken Mole with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Farro and Spinach

Paired with: 2010 Vigneti Zabu, Nero D’Avola, Sicily, Italy

We were SO full but this was SO good. A nice crisp chicken skin, DELICIOUS farro [we kept calling it rice] with some greens on the bottom, OMG… slightly spicy and nice tender chicken that just fell apart at the fork. HOLY MOLY. SO FULL but I licked the plate clean anyways.

Hahaha somehow I ended up with sesame seeds all over me. WTF… too much wine ;]

And then I ate more bread… oh and then there was these:

Rosemary Pommes Frites

I may have ate the whole tower of them….. #guilty

Cheese Course
Robiola, Italy

Paired with: 2006 Westport Rivers, “Cuvee RJR”, Brut, Westport, Massachusetts

At this point we were ready to burst… the cheese was creamy [half cow, half sheep] and a bit pungent so I had half of it, bread, the nuts and fruits and called it quits. No dessert for me #imdone..

Afterwards we came home, rested up a bit and made boozey cupcakes :]

Upside down Banana Rum Champagne Cupcakes with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Recipe coming in next post….



  1. Every photo made me smile =] And happy belated birthday to Kelly! I love the charm, humor and wildness of your blog. I’ll surely be back for more smiles. Thanks for brightening my day even more, glad you girls had such a great time =]



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