A Beautiful Sunday…. Brunch at @ToroRestaurant

Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day – I knew I had a great day of good eats and great company ahead of me. I woke up early and drove into town. It’s time for Brunch AND AT Toro!!!! Now you guys know that I eat there all the time but I’ve never been there for brunch… why?!…I have no idea.

LOOK AT ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING!!!!! ahhh food pornologist like me’s dream come true!!!

Why am I drinking my mimosa like a squirrel? Hahaha… I may have had more than one :] Empty stomach loop de loop. I was SOOO hungry…

SO much to choose from, I kept having to ask our waitress to come back – UGH I’m SO indecisive sometime.  And I want it all… Yay!!! W visiting :] And even tho the last time we all came here the last time he was in Boston, yes, the food is THAT good!

Grilled Avocado

SOOOO GOOD! A light salsa verde in the hole, a little queso MMMMM….. pickled red onions *breaths onion breath on you* DELICIOUS! Never had grilled avocado before, I need to try preparing it like this at home.. too bad I’m too lazy.

See in the background? W added Hummus on at the end of what we wanted, last minute and it was SOOOO GOOD :] Argon oil, za’atar and fresh Chickpeas.. sooo creamy and great spices MMM.. loved it!! Fluffy soft bread!

Our eggy breakfasts.. and then some.. NOM NOM NOM.. W was a good boy and just had tea :] Yeah and me squirreling my mimosas.. hahaha…

I got the Huevos con Chorizo

Scrambled Eggs with Housemade Chorizo, Patatas and Sourdough Toast

Soft fluffy eggs.. which I sprinkled with black pepper and sriracha.. and DELICIOUS chorizo that almost sort of reminded me of my favorite chinese sausages.. they popped when you bit into them and were just fluffs of meaty happiness inside. See that butter on the toast. MMM.. butter…

W’s Pork Hash

Eggs over Easy, Patatas and Sourdough Toast

The pork hash was super creamy, not the hash I’m usually used to where you can feel the shredded potato. Maybe it was my bite, but it was CREAMY! Hahaha… great flavors.  And yes more buttery toast!  Maybe that’s why we both got full so fast, so much bread…

Asada de Huesos

Roasted Bone Marrow with Radish Citrus Salad and Oxtail Marmalade

Yep, even after eating pounds of bone marrow the night before…. We got more bone marrow :] Since W is a chef he eats it all the time mwahahaha so I got to eat it allllll :] And as always, LOVE the delicious oxtail on the crostini… MMMM – all together now MUNCH!

And then another last minute order before the kitchen closed…

Maiz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija

La Especialidad de la Casa.  Grilled Corn with Alioil, Lime, Espelette Pepper and Aged Cheese

YES! A MUST-HAVE every single time at Toro…amongst other things.  But yes, even for brunch :] JUST LOOK AT IT!!! I can smell it already… taste it.. the creamy outside, the pops of the kernals, crunch crunch, SOOO FREAKING DELICIOUS.

We ended brunch with something sweet :] OF COURSE.. we were gonna get a cheese plate as well but we were stuffed beyond belief. ALWAYS ROOM FOR SWEETS THOUGH!!!!

Churros con ChocolateAiry Crisp Fried Pastry with Orange Infused Chocolate

MMMMMM….. I love churros. They’ll always remind me of Disneyland as a little kid.  The chocolate just ups it up a notch and makes it seem a bit more sophisticated… amazing and fresh! So delicious :] I am a happy little Tiffie…. *bounce