CNY Eve Brunch at Coach Grill

This year it’s just me and the mommy for CNY :[ We were supposed to be in Taiwan and Japan at this time but plans were changed and everything re-adjusted and here we are.  After a delicious night out Friday, we got snowed in on Saturday, so when Sunday rolled around, I finally got to leave the house after hibernating in bed all day Saturday…

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited.. so why not… Coach Grill here I come…. delicious steakhouse with a small but also delicious brunch menu. Regular dinner menu is also available during brunch so bring on that 20lb steak if you want :]

PLETHORA of food, SOOO MUCH food!


Their BOMB Bread Basket! YUM!

Croissant! YUM. Flakey and buttery.. altho none could ever beat Menton’s… I need to learn how to make my own buttery croissants….

As soon as I sat down I ordered coffee and this. MMM their bloody mary’s are OH so good and it was SO full it was all over the table before I could sip it. Poor waitress kept trying to clean it up. Must’ve sucked balancing it on her tray from the bar.. lol… She told me she made it extra full for me :] And also checked my ID TEEHEE.

MMMM nothing like booze for brekky.

Mommy’s  Country Breakfast 
Three eggs, Bacon, Hashed Brown Potatoes and Toast

My side of bacon, SOOOO MUCH BACON!!! And Wheat Toast…

And for me, my favorite: Lobster Benedict
English Muffin, Juicy Lobster, Poached Eggs, Truffled Hollandaise, Chives & Hashed Brown Potatoes

HUUUGE juicy chunks of lobster. New England Spoiled Brat :] I love my lobster.  I was actually between this and maybe the Steak Benedict but I ended up craving seafood.  The Hash Browns are like fries but a mushier and not deep-fried.  A LOOOT!!! Lok at that mountain. These plates are like two of my heads combined! It was delicious. TONS of freshly cracked black pepper – I love how EACH table has it’s own grinder – and tabasco sauce… I’m a HEAT FIEND!

After our HUGE brunch, we licked the plates clean, we decided to get some more munchies…

Profiteroles, Coffee, Chocolate & Vanilla drizzled in FudgeAren’t they cute? And they were SOOO GOOD. The puff wasn’t as fluffy as I’d like, it was sort of a stiffer biscuit like puff and my favorite ice cream was the coffee :] Halfway thru I started playing and poking and drawing with the ice cream on the plate and my mom knew I was done. “Ever since you were a kid, I could tell when you were full cuz you start playing your food…

YUM! We took home extra bread and toast from our table and a slice of their 7 layer chocolate cake, my favorite!

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