Chinese New Years Dinner for Two at Lavender

On the first Day of the New Years you have to eat vegetarian until noon… so what else than frying up some Nian Gao. 甜粿

SOOO GOOOD :] I love the crispity edges from the egg…

The Guangdong variety is also called nian gao. It is sweetened, usually with brown sugar. It is distinct with a dark yellow color. The paste is poured into a cake pan and steamed once more to settle mixture. The batter is steamed until it solidifies and served in thick slices. It may be eaten as is. The nian gao becomes stretchy and extremely sticky. It can also be served as a pudding flavored with rosewateror red bean paste.

The next stage is optional as it can be pan-friedafterwards,often with egg, to make (煎年糕, jyutping: zin1 nin4 gou1; pinyin: jiān nián gāo). When fried it is slightly crispy on the outside, and remains pasty on the inside. During Chinese New Year, it is cut into square pieces and served along with similar cake dim sum dishes like taro cake and water chestnut cake. [Source]

No rest for the wicked.. still gotta work. Just no swearing or fighting or cleaning [so no real eating at home! haha] today. Mom and I decided to go out to eat at our local fav chinese restaurant right by our house for the main event. We craved Peking Duck & Lobster…. so I slapped on some red lipstick for good luck – Red means lucky DUH and headed out for good eats.


Wonton Strips to snack on….

As soon as we sat down we ordered the duck, since it takes awhile to prepare.  We also got two glasses of Pinot Noir but it was meh. You know it’s bad when I DON’T want the booze LOL.

Peking Duck

Juicy, meaty, crispy delightful skin! OH LOVES!

A little meat, a LOT of skin and lots of scallions…. I put 4x more meat and skin on after the pretty picture hahahahah…

SEE!!! Freaking Peking Duck burrito!!! SOOO GOOOOOD!!!

Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Why not indulge on holidays?!… I always indulge since I’m always feeling like everyday is a holiday HAHAHAHA… these were pretty good. Lots of spicy salt & pepper toppings… chunks of jalapeno. NOM!

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass w/ Ginger & Scallion

Typical way of cooking fish in a chinese restaurant.. but it was a bit TOO thinly cut and overcooked :[ Still tasty. Totally wish there was bigger portions for this dish…

Lobster Tails w/ Onions & Scallions
Tasty and meaty!  Very fresh lobster and TONS of yummy sauteed onions around it SOOO FREAKING GOOD.

Gai Lan & Bok Choy

I couldn’t choose which veggie dish I wanted so our waiter, he knows us, gave us half portion of both on a plate. TEEHEE.

Complimentary Pineapple

And we each got TWO fortune cookies :] My tradition in college was to always grab THREE fortune cookies and pick the best fortune out of the three – no more no less! HEHE

They also gave us Red Envelopes – :] YAYYY more lucky money to go in my pile under my pillow. I remember last year I actually found a WHOLE stash of old red envelopes I had stashed under my mattress I had forgotten about… SCORE~ money money moneyyyyy

Chinese New Years Eve Dinner… a la Mommy

After a delicious brunch and some last minute grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner…. possibly a new McQueen scarf for me ;]

Not only is mommy cooking TONS of delicious food, for just the two of us, and a half? [Didi counts!] But the PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! WOOOOOOO

All this, plus noodles, for just us two little ladies…

You have to make a fish, eat some but you HAVE to save the rest for the next day.. so it’s 年年有餘 – means the fortune from this year will be passed onto the next.

Pan Fried Red Snapper…

Spicy Pork Belly and Chinese Celery

Curry 粉蒸排骨

MMMMM Dinner wouldn’t be dinner without three porky dishes!!!! Fatty Pork Ribs covered in rice and steamed <3 NOM!

Extra spicy Mapo Tofu

On New Years you have to eat noodles without breaking them for good luck.

My baby is so smart :] She didn’t break the noodle either!!!

Happy Chinese New Years!!! 新年快樂

CNY Eve Brunch at Coach Grill

This year it’s just me and the mommy for CNY :[ We were supposed to be in Taiwan and Japan at this time but plans were changed and everything re-adjusted and here we are.  After a delicious night out Friday, we got snowed in on Saturday, so when Sunday rolled around, I finally got to leave the house after hibernating in bed all day Saturday…

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited.. so why not… Coach Grill here I come…. delicious steakhouse with a small but also delicious brunch menu. Regular dinner menu is also available during brunch so bring on that 20lb steak if you want :]

PLETHORA of food, SOOO MUCH food!


Their BOMB Bread Basket! YUM!

Croissant! YUM. Flakey and buttery.. altho none could ever beat Menton’s… I need to learn how to make my own buttery croissants….

As soon as I sat down I ordered coffee and this. MMM their bloody mary’s are OH so good and it was SO full it was all over the table before I could sip it. Poor waitress kept trying to clean it up. Must’ve sucked balancing it on her tray from the bar.. lol… She told me she made it extra full for me :] And also checked my ID TEEHEE.

MMMM nothing like booze for brekky.

Mommy’s  Country Breakfast 
Three eggs, Bacon, Hashed Brown Potatoes and Toast

My side of bacon, SOOOO MUCH BACON!!! And Wheat Toast…

And for me, my favorite: Lobster Benedict
English Muffin, Juicy Lobster, Poached Eggs, Truffled Hollandaise, Chives & Hashed Brown Potatoes

HUUUGE juicy chunks of lobster. New England Spoiled Brat :] I love my lobster.  I was actually between this and maybe the Steak Benedict but I ended up craving seafood.  The Hash Browns are like fries but a mushier and not deep-fried.  A LOOOT!!! Lok at that mountain. These plates are like two of my heads combined! It was delicious. TONS of freshly cracked black pepper – I love how EACH table has it’s own grinder – and tabasco sauce… I’m a HEAT FIEND!

After our HUGE brunch, we licked the plates clean, we decided to get some more munchies…

Profiteroles, Coffee, Chocolate & Vanilla drizzled in FudgeAren’t they cute? And they were SOOO GOOD. The puff wasn’t as fluffy as I’d like, it was sort of a stiffer biscuit like puff and my favorite ice cream was the coffee :] Halfway thru I started playing and poking and drawing with the ice cream on the plate and my mom knew I was done. “Ever since you were a kid, I could tell when you were full cuz you start playing your food…

YUM! We took home extra bread and toast from our table and a slice of their 7 layer chocolate cake, my favorite!