Fresh homemade pretzels a la Chef Will Morris @will0724

[I had this written two days ago, not sure why I didn’t post it…I MAY have passed out mid-blog OOPS]

Source: Smitten Kitchen

I LOOOOOOVE pretzels… and I loooooove pretzel bread!!!…. L’Espalier actually has some of my fav ever!!! SOOOOO when I was craving them recently…. Chef Will came to my rescue!!! ALLLL the way from DC :]

Yes and just like that he shhhharrred!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMM

First background on Chef. FIRST of all.. follow him on twitter here :] Second of all you should go eat his food at Brasserie Beck in DC – okay I suck cuz I haven’t been BUTTTT… go and stick your feet in his face HAAA :] jk. He hates feet. Don’t. ONWARDS. He’s cool. Deal with it! Here’s an eater article about his tatts… Was just talking with D the other day about how nowanddays chefs are all tattooed up and awesome ;D

Not gona indulge on his recipe BUT…..


Baking, Me looking at the Pretz…

What the pretzels saw looking at me…

Yes I have a pervy 13 yr old boy’s sense of humor….

His look like this [stolen from Chef’s instagram!]

Yeah I’m not really a bread baker… I do cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, cupcakes etc.. but nothing too bready usually. Esp not with these many steps….

So mine aren’t so pretty and some of them stuck to the pan, BUTTTT they were PRETTY FREAKING TASTY… I may or have may not finished almost all of them…..

Need to make again soon, I crave carbs and salt way too much :]


  1. […] with Mayo & Whole Grain Mustard I’m a sucker for pretzels, obviously… so M knew just what to order.. he knows my tummy so well :] HAHA… these were amazing.. […]


  2. […] I’m psyched! I’ve had W’s food but not a whole dinner specifically cooked by him for me… Yes yes yes if you guys haven’t realized by now, guessed or just not… KNEW cuz it’s on my FB, he’s always on my blog AND I talk about him on my twitter 24/7… the love of my life is cutie Chef William Morris of DC. He was up for Hottest Chef of DC on Eater earlier this year… and it all started with pretzels… […]


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