Late Night Wings…

SOOOO in my quest of pretzels… I needed wings! I was planning on getting some wings at Met Bar today but I forgot they took them off the menu.. Sad. :[ So I was PSHHHH I can make better wings ANYWAYS! After dinner I headed to Whole Foods to pick up my fav sliced in-house roast turkey breast [addicted! I go thru a 1lb bag in 2-3 days!] I also picked up some wings.. wish they were bigger and not cut apart… apparently their guy always gets their wings separated – lame. And yes, I talk with the butchers there all the time :] I’m a talker… just not like this:

Hi ;] Hi :D Hiiiii!!!!! :9

FYI, I hate talkers during sex. I don’t need to know what’s going on in your mind except for funky time. Kthanx.

SOOOOO… after making the dough for the pretzels and letting them rest I started on my wings…

Soy sauce, Ssame Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Scallions, Chilli Peppers….. 

Also added two secrets, a bit of cocoa powder and miso :] as well as beer & rice wine :D I’m a boozeaholic even when I cook… hahahahah!!!

Mixxx-a mixxxxx-aaaaa MIXXX-AAAAA!!!!

Panfried a bit and then added all the marinating sauce… added a bit extra soy sauce and rice wine!!!

RESULT?!?!?!?! DEEEEEEELISH!!! I sprinkled with some fresh scallions and I wanted to add white sesame seeds to make it super asian BUTTT… we were out… :T LOL

Might be nibbling and blogging now :] What’s left of it… *licks bowl*