Girls’ Night with lots of Dolls, Cheese but no Cucumbers :[

I swear I’ll put up my best of 2011 post. I swear it. Eventually. Soon :] Promise! Too much of it has already been written to abandon it now…. until then I’ll do my best to amuse you with my regular old food posts… I’ve been cooking a lot lately… boring things… Chinese things, simple things, random things :]

And then there was Girls’ Night with my Bestie, Kate on Friday night. Scary movies, wine, strawberry daqs and greasy food and snacks – a LOT of it :] And of course some “shenanigans” [SOO Kate‘s word hehehe] at Loews.

We’re silly when we’re together…

Lady at Check-Out — “Awww did you have a LONG day at [high] school today?”
Me: UMMM, yes!

… I wish I was still in school LOL … but when me and Kate get together it’s like we’re back in MIDDLE SCHOOL again!

Afterwards we headed to Super Stop & Shop for some shopping and fun for our greasy food night. Extra cheese, check. Pizza dough, check. 3 huge long cucumbers… no hahaha but I MAY have screamed “I like at least 3 in my mouth at the same time!” there.. and there was lots of Beavis & Butthead impressions the entire time. I’m obsessed…

Beavis & Butthead Do America, CLASSIC movie for my Generation…

We popped the Onion Rings and Sweet Potato WAFFLE fries in the oven and started prepping the garlic cheese bread and veggies for our pizza…

Brushing some Olive Oil on the dough :] Extra greasy… note the Strawberry Daq from Seagrams Escapes [her fav]. I know my KateMonkiie well :] I stuck with white wine, tons of it ;] Super classy in a glass.. with a GREEN STRAW hahahaha

Super cheesy garlic bread with mozz and parm!!! Extra buttery and amazing!

Dasani, Kate & Mike’s Hot Dog :], ate a lot of the fries and rings.. the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries were BOMB! SOOO CRACK!!!

“Why does this taste like artichoke pesto?! Oh it must be the parm…” LOL…

Mike’s pizza.. It was Girls’ Night but we had to cook for our driver and the best husband ever!!! Half cheese, half Pepperoni!

Our pizza… Extra cheese, onions, green peppers, pepperoni and mushrooms!

See how the crust is extra thick?! I rolled in a TON of mozzarella in the crust for cheesestick crusts <3

Both our pizza and our garlic bread had tons of Mozz & Parm on it!!! NOMMMMM!!!!

Slice #1… MMMMM… I had half of our pizza. SOO GOOD with extra chili pepper flakes OBVIOUSLY!!

Super cheesy crust…

And then after watching Dead Silence… literally in silence – minus some squeals and lots of booze, WE BOTH HATE DOLLS!!!!! – we made frappes and drank them by the warm burning fireplace.

Caramel Cookie Crunch with Double Chocolate Chip Gelato Frappes… and we dipped Red Velvet Whoopie Pies in them!

[btw a FRAPPE is the New England name for Milkshake! It’s the correct term to use if you want a drink with milk and ice cream here… haha join in the talk to learn more]

We ended the night with dessert and Scream 4 to make the night happier :] Hahaha.. WE HATE DOLLS!!!

I may have fallen asleep… drooled a little :] I LOOOVE spending time with my KateMonkiie and Mike!!! <3 Ok so the hubby didn’t stay the whole night but he was a good sport about it :] TEEHEE!!!

Can’t wait til next time!!!!

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