Why I’m Terrified of Fish Scales…

Let me tell you a story of how I started off all dressed up and pretty.. and then ended with me scrubbing my skin off in the shower…. and I know you want a story… soooo….

Sunday — Late start to the day… ready to spend the day with Mommy :]

Had a great brunch at Bullfinch’s with their fatty juicy big sausages, tomato/mushroom/spinach omelette, toast, bacon and delish pastries!!! No morning booze this time around.. but can you spot my coffee cup? :] I claimed it with my lipstick!

Decided to do my weekly grocery shopping at Russo’s for all the fruit and veg and WF for the meats :]

Ready to get cooking!!! Set my oven and got to cleaning and chopping!

Peekaboo. I don’t smell bad.

White wine, lemon, rosemary, shallots, s&p and some hot peppers for a slight kick :] Just for fun!

In a pre-heated oven set to 420 degrees — Covered for 30 minutes and opened for 5 minutes. Perfection.

After I popped this into the oven I prepped and cooked the side veg.

It was delicious and tender.. I paired it with some lightly roasted cauliflower, sauteed garlicky spinach and some leftover okra I made a few days ago. YUM! The flesh flaked away and melted in our mouths!!!!  Light lemony, rosemary flavor that didn’t overpower the delicate meat. DELISH! Fresh is always best!

When I was little my mom scarred me for life by telling me that fish scales will stick to my skin FOREVER if I get them on me. To this day I HATE scales and they make me wanna puke. So buying a beautiful red snapper at WF yesterday and making it was torture when I realized they didn’t clean the fish well enough.

WTF?! I just googled about it and found this: FOR REALZ?!?!?!

Please tell me this is a joke:

RESULTS: The scales physically adhered and formed a raised fold of skin within minutes after placement. Lesions were submitted for pathologic evaluation on days 2 and 7. A subacute irritant dermatitis was observed that evolved into a chronic dermatitis with hyperkeratosis. Inverted fish scales (the anatomically reversed surface) and fish epidermis did not produce such lesions on the mice. 

Source: http://www.eblue.org/article/0190-9622(93)70138-J/abstract

Why couldn’t it be glamourous like this?

ps. DON’T, I repeat DO NOT!!!! google image “fish scales human skin” I can’t get the second image out of my head… omg…. I feel sick.

So after dinner I told my mom that she freaked me out with the “Urban Legend” she told me that it was true and I better go shower. OMG I was in a HOT shower for like 20lbs freaking out after… :[

BTW. Writing about fish scales totally sucked balls cuz now I’m itching like crazy…. I know it’s all in my head but *shivers* I didn’t really think of it as a phobia til now HAHA…

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New Years Brunch at Aquitaine Bis

Thank YOU for a beautiful message exactly at midnight this year <3 XOXO Thanks babe :]

Dressed down and stayed in…. ate insane amounts of pig’s feet and delicious chinese food…. drank a lot but barely got tipsy.

Happy New Years Bitches! Loved talking to everyone at midnight [Eastern hehe] all over the world <3

Went home, drank a little more, nada, so just watched a movie, went to bed and woke up early for a delicious New Years Brunch at my favorite brunch – Aquitaine Bis. Didn’t get my favorite waitress but I did get to see her and say hi :] Such a sweetheart – got a guy that wasn’t too attentive but whatevz. Love this place.

Brunch For Two :]

Omelette for me… Toast, Potatoes… Bacon, Sausage…

Oh, Avocado, Mushroom & Tomatoes in my omelette… and of course tons of black pepper and tabasco <3

Mimosas galore <3 Still celebrating with bubbly.. and red lipstick!

And New Years Brunch DESSERTS!!!

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Creamy and decadent, I LOVE when I can see TONS of vanilla bean specks in my desserts! NOM! Nice thick crunchy chewy crust – just the way it should be :]

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles

Dark chocolate syrup and the puffs were made from almond meal.. OMG HEAVEN!

ANNNND…. Just for fun :]

Highlights of the end of 2011

Okay I’m pretty sure everyone hates me right now.. I’ve been writing my Best of 2011 post for awhile now… #fail… it’s getting longer and longer, almost a novel – NOT my intention. But aside from that, while I’ve been consuming good food…. I’ve been weird about making posts about them….

A few highlights of the end of 2011