‘Til next time Taiwan… I’ll miss you

I got up at 5:30am

Grand Formosa Regent Taipei Taiwanese Cuisine & Snacks 寶島晶華

Mommy and I split the Chinese Breakfast Set

皮蛋瘦肉粥 / Preserved Egg and Pork Congee

Regular and Black Sugar 饅頭 [Mantou]

麵筋 [Mien Jin aka Seitan/Wheat Gluten], 豆干 [thin shreds of dried preserved tofu], 肉鬆 [Rousong aka Pork Floss]

Bok Choy with Fatty Pork

Shu Mai / 燒賣

Fried  Pan Fried Shrimp Roll in Tofu Wrap/ 腐皮捲


rilakkuma bear

Had some Veggie Egg Fried Rice from Taipei to Japan with Pineapple Cake :]

Afterwards I got the Chicken Curry and a breakfast of Spinach Omelet w/ Brekky Sausage and other yummies….  all the way to San Fran… one of the guy flight attendents was super nice and gave me cookies and tons of wine on the way hahahaha… so boozey me ate all of my chocolate waffles, cookies and sour candy on the flight… passed out on some sour belts.. HMMMMM…

At San Fran I got a HUGE Caesar Salad from the Cafe I always eat at there and got tons of snacks on the kid-infested flight. KID INFESTED. YES. I hate traveling on holiday season cuz the 6 hour flight was kids screaming, singing, kicking, running around, and smelled like baby poop. No lie. I turned up the Jay Chou on my ipod and tried to sleep…

Got picked up… with takeout :] Thank YOU :]

Miso Soup

Hamachi Kama

And tons of sushi and sashimi.. MMMMM, Soft Shelled Crab never tasted so good as now.. LOL

Also recieved some awesome packages outside my door…

Eat Write Retreat Goodies they sent me since I didn’t make it to the event….

Deliciousness and COokbook happiness


I miss Taiwan. Although my ever-growing waist is glad this trip is over until next time.. #fattie :]

One of Didi’s new outfits from Taiwan :D

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