Shabu Shabu at 紗舞縭 Shaburi

Dinner was at 紗舞縭 Shaburi – I’ve been to so much BAD shabu/hotpot lately that I was kinda iffy about this – even tho I’ve been a few times and it’s right by my hotel, it was rainy, I felt crappy, and this was a must.

Besides you’ll get to see how I get from sick and tired in bed til 4pm to:

Half Regular Soup/Half Spicy Japanese Mala Soup
My spicy choices were this or a Korean Kimchi but then I wanted to try something new. I added a lot of fresh hot chilis to it as well [I got them sliced on the side!]

Fried Chicken + Fruit Salad

Japanese Crab + Fruit Salad

Giant Taiwanese Beer

You NEED a good cold beer or three while eating shabu :] That and sake.. but no sake for me tonight.. tired… sick…


SEE! As big as my head!

Assortment Plate that comes with every Hot Pot Set:
Veggies, Fish cakes, Fish Balls, Tofu, Shrimp, [and choice of starch, we got:] Hand Pulled Noodles & Mung Bean Noodles

I got the Seafood/Beef set… SOOO MUCH seafood and  nice fatty sliced sirloin [altho it was SO good I was convinced it was ribeye!]

Different fishes, clams, squid, shrimp, fish.. MM, lots of fish, oysters, etc…

Boneless Short Ribs

All of the food on a tiny tiny table… [minus inhaled salads]

I also ordered some extra side dishes, including a HUGEEEE plate of enoki mushrooms – my favorite! My cousin, yes the tall one, calls them “明天見” aka “See you tomorrow” :]


And for dessert there was Coffee and Fruit Vinegar Juice:

We both ordered Black Sesame 黑芝麻 Soft Serve Ice Cream

I look 12 here with my ice cream and red cheeks from all the spicy hot pot and beer LOL…SOOOO GOOD! My favorite flavor of ice cream <3 This was so creamy and bursting full of black sesame taste. Black Sesame = good for black hair ;]

Everything was fresh and tasty! FINALLY some delicious satisfying hotpot/shabu :]

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