Dinner at Taichung’s 春水堂 Chun Shui Tang

Every single time I come to Taichung I’ll always head over to 春水堂 Chun Shui Tang for a visit [they have a few locations all over Taiwan but this is the BEST one, hands down and well known!]. My aunt is a tea guru here and also a flower arrnagement guru so I go to visit her as well!

I always get a few small dishes, a drink or two and it’s great. After a day of too much food and desserts… we headed over here for a quick bite and to rest our feet.. OOPS, ended up with a table full of food – again. And in our bellies ;] AGAIN!

Ice Cold 烏龍茶 [Oolong Tea] Drink

My cousin got a huuuuge Lemon Tea [翡翠檸檬] Drink

毛豆 / Spicy Edamame

Cold and a little greasy but SOOO GOOD and tons of black pepper and chilis!!!

Fatty Taiwanese Pork Sausage / 黑豬肉香腸

These weren’t like my favorites from Lao Yo Ji and 09 but they were pretty good – not fatty enough ;] You don’t need to wash these down with a cold mug of beer hehe…

Braised Wild Mushrooms / 鮮三菇

Greasy, a bit spicy and full of mushrom goodness. :] Braised in a delicious soup of, methinking pork lard, and soy sauce and chilis MMMMM….

Chicken Wings / 烤雞翅

Soy Sauce braised & baked chicken wings. They were good but nothing too special…

Fried Turnip Cake / 港式蘿蔔糕

They make the best around. Crispy and light on the outside, fried to perfection and a delicious, almost creamy, innard. Couldn’t stop eating these.. popping them in my mouth like popcorn or m&ms. a bucket of these on the next movie night please :]

Spicy Braised Chicken Feet / 茶香蠔油鳳爪

My favorite thing – and they make it SO good here. Spicy, full of scallions and basil, etc… and tender fall off the bone chicken feet!

Intestine Herbal Soup with Pearl Barley 苡仁

SOOO GOOD and good for the tummy.  Especially since I had been breaking out in hives this is really soothing for the body.

Tofu Skin / 金菇豆皮

Sesame Rice Noodle with Soy Sauce Egg and Bok Choy

烏龍豆干米血/Pig’s Blood Rice Cakes in Spicy Sauce with Scallions & Ginger

My cousin asked for spicy sauce instead of peanut sauce with this.  I think it was more of a peanuty spicy sauce and just no peanut powder. YUM!  The more ginger and scallions and heat the happier!

方舟 / Black Sugar Cakes
These are my absolute favorite here, besides the chicken feet – best when piping hot and fluffy from the oven.  Black sugar makes desserts even better!  These were good even cold – they came out in the beginning of the meal [bad planning on service part since they didn’t realize how big of a real meal we were eating] but delicious nonetheless.

LOVE this place. You must go!

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