Tea Time at 明森宇治抹茶

Right after lunch, we headed to 明森 for Tea Time.. yep after a 2.5 – 3 hour lunch we then went straight to a 2 hour tea time.. told you us Taiwanese ladies know how to eat ;]

It was slightly hidden in a small straight off of a main road…

We got our own room to fit all… 11? 12? however many of us… doors had to be closed cuz we were super loud and laughing the whole time.. but doors kept opening cuz we kept getting drinks and food ;] HAHAHA

And my favorite cousin met us there!!! <3 My fellow tall Taiwanese fashionista twinnie!!!

We shared two different pots of teas with two other daughters at the table and me and her both got a Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream over Tofu Pudding [豆花] and covered with Black Beans

SOOOO GOOD! SOOOO GLAD I got this. Slightly salty and barely sweet THICK HUGE Black Beans [good for black hair] over DELICIOUS SUPPPPPPER MATCHA infused soft serve over totally tender freshly made tofu pudding. OH HAPPY DAY!

Us being sillies :]

Black Sugar Jelly w/ Peanut Powder

These were so good. I cut them up and dumped them into my sundae. What I love about Taiwan is that they have so much black sugar stuff now. Black Sugar Mochis are my favorite *hint hint* ;]

Puffy Matcha Macarons

Puffy and filled with a matcha cream, it was soooo good! The first one I had still had a firm creamy filling but the one I had at the end of the day was SOOOO melty and creamy. MMMMMMM… different varieties *LOVE*

Basically a 綠豆椪/綠豆凸 but with Matcha…

Nothing was too special abotu this, they WERE really pretty looking though, but I eat these all the time. Flakey/powdery and kind of melts in your mouth and binds it together like a mouthful of …. powdered sugar almost. But not crazy sweet.

Matcha Ice Cream Sundae with Matcha Jelly, Mochi, Red Beans, etc…

We got a few of each of the hand cakes/cookies/snacks/jellies so we had SOOOO much – we ended up with 11/12 different dessert plates… And YES we ate it ALL. Actually, my cousin and I had to clean up shop at the end since the other two girls were weaksauce and the older ladies were whining about getting fat/being full ;] Hey the more macarons and jellies, the merrier, well for us two :] We ate, we drank, we laughed, we conquered. Great day out with the ladies – minus a snotty bitch or two, HUMF! Won’t complain about it here tho, SEE TWITTER for my anger management issues LOL

Now?… off to dinner :] After heading to the ER first.. my hives were at it’s worst and I was DYYYYYYING and looked like I was freaking sunburnt and stun by bees :[ OK, LOL, not that bad, but pretty bad AND SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE. SO TOTALLY DYING.

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