Waffle Break at K’s Cafe

I needed a quick snack before I headed off to the Spa for my 2 hr full body massage, when I’m in Taiwan I get it done like twice a week – ahhhhh relaxation!!! This place was cute, tons of magazines and books to flip thru while we chatted, ate and people watched!

K’s Cafe at Kinokuniya Book Store in the Breeze Center

Brown and White Sugar Crystals for our Syphon Coffee

I got Syphon Blue Mountain Coffee, YUM!


We ordered two Christmas Special Dessert Plates available only during this season…

Waffle/Donut Banana/Nut Plate w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

I loved the donut… it looked buttered and tasted like a nice dense pancake! I’m usually a lover of waffles but I devoured this first and then went into the waffles! YUM

Waffles with Fruit & Vanilla Ice Cream

Fruit, jelly, whipped cream and ice cream.. YUMZERS! Fluffy piping hot waffles with crispity edges… it always reminds me of when my daddy worked at MIT and I used to make my own waffles for dinner, only there, and smother them with blueberries in syrup NOM

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