Late Night Eats & Drinks at Khaki Cafe Bar 珈啡吧

One of my favorite lounge-y/cafes to go late at night in Taipei is Khaki… part of the whole night club/bar/lounge on different floors and Fifi Market Place next door [which sells fashion designer Isabella Wen 溫慶珠‘s beautiful and sexy clothes/accessories, WHICH I LOOOOOVE and always buy a TON of when I’m here in town]

They changed up the menu and even tho it was late I hadn’t eaten dinner yet cuz of my late start to the day… I was in Taipei 101 area after my little tea session at Aunt Stella’s earlier so all the walking got my tummy grumbling, that and I wanted a little wine and bubbly in me…. Of course I ended up buying a few items at Fifi next door before heading inside to get a corner table with couches to get my grub and drink on….

Bubbles to start..

Stir Fried Clams with Basil

They gave a ton even tho it was on the “tapas” menu.. soooo juicy, tender and a nice spice and TONNNNS of garlic and sliced cherry tomatoes in it :] YUM!  I dipped it in chili sauce!  The broth was soooo good I was practically drinking it -if I had bread [omg or toasty garlic bread] it’s be GONE!

Grilled “Satin” Fish

It’s actually “Sardines” hahaha and it’s grilled in Olive Oil. YUM!

雲吞湯/ Wonton Noodle Soup

Delicious chicken brother – see how white it is?! MMMM!!!! SOOO enriched with yum!!! Slices of omelette, scallions delicious tender noodles and tons of mini pork wontons…

So cute and bitesized of YUM!

紅燒牛肉麵/Niu Rou Mien [Spicy Beef Noodle Soup]

Bok choy, tonsss of yummy noodles… and tender slices of beef. SOO GOOD. The beef broth was great, not too spicy so they gave extra chili for extra heat on the side…

泡菜/Pickled Cabbage

They also gave some pao cai to put in with the beef noodle soup or to eat on it’s own. SOO GOOD in the soup!!!

Baked Chicken Wings

Fried quickly, sprinkled with sesame seeds, then baked for a perfect finish. SO hot and yummy. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. MMMMMM

By this time I was onto red wine.. well actually I was by the chicken wings LOL.. so our waiter said this was great “Drinking Food”

手工芝麻烤餅/Home Made Bread with Sesame

Crispy on the edges and flat and while a bit bland it was addictive and full of sesame seeds. Thicker fluffy parts and crunchy thinner parts offered variety and paired well with the wine. NOM NOM NOM. I love carbs. Our waiter was sweet enough to cut it up for us too… teehee.

干層法式蛋糕/Melaleuca French CakeFor dessert we ended up getting this crepe cake.   Unlike a regular Mille Crêpes this had layers of chocolate cake as well as cream in-between the crepes. Our cute waiter said he tried making it one day for the staff and they loved it so much they put it on the menu. COME ON. After that I HADDDD to order it :] Delicious – PLUS it came with two crispity thin oatmeal raisin cookies that I fell in LOOOOVE with.  Btw crepes here are SOO much eggier than back home OMG AMAZING. I need to make my crepes eggier now too.. LOL

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