Midnight Snack @ Mr Cat with Friends 貓咪先生的朋友

Okay, back from another Family Fun day.. tired, sore but still ready for more.. so I headed to 貓咪先生的朋友 right by my hotel… aka Mr Cat with Friends. I’ve been past it SO many times and kept saying, “next time I’ll go” but haven’t. SO I went in expecting just to grab a beer or something but alas, more happened…

Taipei, Taiwan台北市大安路一段83巷3號A樓1F

Go in the cute red door…


I love her. I want her. Can I still her? Makes me miss my cat Misty :[ She was that small when I first got her.. in 6th Grade… *pout* Also miss my Didi baby…

She drank form my water glass EEEE <3

Cutest Decor, no?! And cute fluffy cats everywhere!!!

Lychee Liquor, Blue Rum, 7-Up, Fruits and Fruit Jellys

After talking with one of the owners for awhile he was nice enough to come up with one of their special concoctions for me.  Previously it was gonna have tequila, but I guess me being a girlieeeee he replaced it with lychee instead :]  Kinda wanted the teguila, bu this tasted like candy!!!!

SOOO GOOD… the jellies made it SO fun! I’d love this if I were 5, couldn’t taste booze at all… I’ve been eating so much all day not sure if it was weak on the alcohol content or I was just already too poisoned from the drinks & wine earlier… ;]

Fried Snack Platter of Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Nuggets and Onion Rings..
BEST kind of drinking food ;] They were sprinkled with rosemary and parm :] Or was it oregano… wait, either way, yummy herbs and parm.. dammit! Why is everything SO much tastier here?! The cheese seemed forever melty and stretchy.. the nuggets were supppppper QQ [haha tender] and SOOOO JUICY… and crispity perfectly fried fries.. OHHH MAN!!!!

So, they have lots of “real” dishes I wanna try, including different mini pizzas, burgers and sandwiches… BUT since it was almost midnite and I’ve been eating all day, I got… this?! to “eat less”?! Yeah I duno, drinking food ;]

Crepe filled with Amaretto Cherry Ice Cream

Fluffy tender crepe with fruity sauces drizzled over it… wrapped inside was delicious creamy ice cream… and sprinkled on top was a variety of chopped nuts. YUM! I need more black peanuts tho *must resist to open til back in States LOL

This place is cute, quaint and yummy :] The owners are super nice, especially the guy with the facial hair who talked with us for a good while and they are open til like 2am which is great for girls like me who are always hungry mostly after midnite :] PLUS, cute kitties to play with!!!!

and now, for your amusement…

— coming soon, currently uploading —

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