雞窩 G-WOO

Woke up to have some yummy Taiwanese Egg Crepe [蛋餅] and fruits….

It’s like a scallion egg omelette on a thin thin tortilla-ish crepe :] YUM!

Source: IAmWen on Flickr

….and then after getting ready headed out to get lunch with mommy and daddy..

XOXO to a certain YOU from Taipei ;]

So mommy and daddy were already there since they came from elsewhere.. sitting and already eating [they eat SUPER fast] and they had rice noodles and pig’s blood soup with veggies on the side – I got there late and got a hotpot :] My fav.

Extra extra spicy tomato based broth with seafood and beef and clear noodles – YUM

A nice gooey runny egg… super delicious and creamy – my favorite and only type of yolk I eat… GOOOOP!!!

Daddy saw that they were selling Takoyaki [たこ焼き aka 蛸焼], my fav, and he got a “boat” of them for us to share – they were piping hot. The batter was spiced with delicious herbs and while the octopus was slightly lacking.. only one chunk in each giant ball… they were pretty tasty and goopy on the inside.

Bought some buns and waffles [you’ll see I had mine for a midnite snack tonite] at one of my favorite bakeries…

PIckles Donut?!?!?!

Also bought some of my favorite asian fruit.. a HYBRID only found in Taiwan…

鳳梨釋迦 – a Cherimoya + Pineapple Hybrid aka Atemoya, a whopping 5lbs of amazing delicious juiciness
See that big one on the top? That was the one I bought.. took me forever to eat it lol… ate so much I got nauseous lol SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

Afterwards I headed to the hospital to get my piercing infection checked out… once again I’m in Taiwan, half sick and on tons of meds… woop. At least I’m not on tons of pain medication this time [hehe, pain meds, always a fun time!!!]

I hit up some sports stores to find Daddy + Mommy some workout clothes and then needed a sugar and caffeine recharge…

Alas, after wandering about, I still figured Afternoon Tea was my best bet. Didn’t wanna try anything new. PLUS they had new desserts/cakes on display and on their menu that I HADDDDD to try!!!

Strawberry and Orange Zuccotto Roll Cake

While the banana/kiwi roll is light and fluffy, this cake was chocolatey and dense [but in a good way, definitely not overwhelmingly so] and tons of strawberry and orange pieces in it. YUM!

Black Tea Chiffon Cake

SOOO delicious. The frosting was light and creamy… like a super light whipped cream consistancy and BURSTING with a black tea flavor.  The cake itself was super fluffy and also full of tea flavor and had some walnuts chopped into it. YUM – Nevertheless, I thought that it could’ve used a few layers of creamy tea goodness between layers of the cake.

Condensed Milk Cream and Strawberry Mousse Cake

I had been stuck between this and the chocolate roll above but ended up going for chocolate cuz.. I duno, maybe I’m being hormonal or stressed but whatevz I needed my chocolate but I still NEEDED this. So me being the greedy little fat kid after eating those two pieces I ordered another. It’s my tummy, I do what I want!

[rant about Taiwanese youth deleted. hahahahahha I was tipsy and angry last night when I wrote it… LOL – just annoyed at how superficial and immature ppl can be here.. act your age peeps. kthanks!]

SOOOO back to the food… A few cups of seriously strong espressos later.. [and all those cakes] I headed back to the hotel to refresh… not before stopping by Salad to buy a new short short jean skirt ;] WHICH I ended up changing into for dinner TEEHEE.

Around 630ish or so Mommy, Daddy and I headed to 雞窩 [G-WOO], just a few short blocks away from the hotel I’m staying at… it’s the sister restaurant of 驥園 which is a Sichuan restaurant famous for their clay pot chicken soups… This is the baby sister and is a little more chic, more casual and has a wider range of food…

Bamboo & Fatty Pork Strips w/ Peppers

This was really good.. altho I prefer my bamboo to be a lot thicker cut and these were some of the thinnest I’ve had – almost to the point where it didn’t seem very “bamboo-like” delicious nonetheless and the fatty pork wasn’t too fatty – which is good and bad.  Bamboo is great when paired with a fattier type of meat or in a greasier sauce since it helps get rid of the grease/fat when in your belly :]

Spicy Beef & Tofu Strips w/ Cilantro

Spicy and delicious.  Tender beef, not overcooked, and tons of tender tofu strips. NOM!  Great with rice!  I added extra fresh chili peppers to it since I’m a spicy food fiend ;]

My own bowl of  Vegetarian Fried Rice [炒飯]

Delicious.  And definitely tasted like it was made from fresh rice, not ghetto leftover rice like a lot of restaurants, but then you never know LOL…

五更肠旺 – Spicy Pig’s Blood & Large Intestines w/ Tofu

Chewy pieces of intestines with a little bit of crunch to it.. and creamy blocks of pig’s blood and soft tender tofu…

“五更肠旺 – Wu Geng Chang Wang” [is] a spicy stew with preserved mustard, tofu, pork intestine slices and congealed pork blood cubes.” [Source]

Vegetarian Stir-Fried Noodles [炒麵]

Spicy Clams Sauteed with Basil [炒海瓜子]

Daddy ordered this just for me :] Spicy, basil-y and tender and fresh. I FREAKING LOVE CLAMS!  I ate at least more than half the dish. Sorry. But, lately, I need my clams fix on a daily basis.  I’m some crazy preggno woman. BUT. Not preggo. In order to be preggo you need booty. I ain’t getting any. Haven’t. Hasn’t. And we won’t even talk about getting GOOD booty cuz then this blog will just get depressing.. okay, more food and food pix to drool over.. [btw NO feeling sorry for me. I chose not to get booty cuz I’d rather get no booty than bad booty or random gross booty. KAPEESH? Hi Mom! Hi Dad!] Btw here’s a great Clams recipe.

Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken

Not too salty, not too peppery, good flavor and lightly fried.  Not usually my favorite thing to eat but I had a nice big juicy piece anyways :]

Sauteed Pea Shoots [豆苗/Dau Miu]

The plate was tiny but they were fresh and tasty.  Not greasy at all and cooked to perfection!

Fried Crumbled Soy Beans over Steamed Cod

The balance of textures and flavors were great.. the fish was silky, soft, mild and tender while the crumbled soy beans were a bit crunchy and salty.. YUM!

TOTALLY recreating this and one.. three-uping it, when I go home. Strangely I totally thought this was more of a chilean or butterfish but they said the direct translation was Cod. Didn’t really taste like cod but delicious nonetheless.  I tried to be anorexic and lady like at first but I was hungry dammit so I took two huge portions. :] Fat kid’s gotta eat or she’ll be cranky. SOOO.. yea. ;]

Clam and Ginger Soup

The soup tasted like chicken soup tho, not clam soup.  Which makes sense since both sister restaurants are known for their chicken soups and dishes.. just slightly disappointing but also fine since, even tho the chicken soup was mild, I’ve been having clam/ginger soup almost every day since I’ve been in Taiwan LOL. The clams were so good and juicy and soft and plump.  Not overcooked which is many many thumbs up!

Stir-Fried Tomato with Egg [蕃茄炒蛋]

One of my favorite dishes since childhood.. and I love my mommy’s the bestest.  Great over rice or noodles… I could eat a giant bowl of it by myself.  But I found there’s to be dry and not as “wet” as I’m used to.  I also love it with tons of tomatoes as well as tons of eggs, and scallions.. lots of fresh scallions :]

Soft Tofu with Veggies in Brown Sauce

Fried Shrimp w/ Pineapple and Mayo – 奶油核桃蝦
[but without the Walnuts and Rainbow Sprinkles]

My favorite version of this dish, I’ve mentioned before, which is ALSO like the only time I ever eat mayo and preferably ONLY Kewpie mayo… is Fried Shrimp with Candied Walnuts, Mayo and Rainbow Sprinkles — UUUUUUBER Taiwanese :] Rainbow Sprinkles is KEY!!!!

[Source: Maya83 on Flickr]

酸辣羹 – Hot and Sour Soup

Pouring the Sea Cucumbers Dish over the Sizzling Rice

Sizzling Rice is basically fried uncooked rice which puffs up and is SOOO good…… when it touches something wet it starts popping and literally, “sizzling” YUM – I eat it by itself as a snack all the time – they sell it in snack packs :]

Sea Cucumbers Over Sizzling Rice

Twice Fried Green Beans [乾煸四季豆]

My daddy’s favorite dish, but I still think my mom makes it best!  It’s supposed to be the blacker and “drier” and “flatter” aka the 乾 [dry] and 煸 [flat] the better BUT I still like the way my mom makes it, still twice fried but less fried and still green and pretty [altho the blacker the softer and greasier and deliciousnessssss… hahahaha]

This year for Thanksgiving my mom had made it with chilis which is more of a Sichuan [四川] style  – speaking of which I need to make the Tday 2011 post asap ;] Hahaha.. but the Photo Album is here. and this green beans dish pic is here <3 YUM!

Happy 78th Bday Grandma…

SO why the “80”? Because in Lunar Years she’s turning 79… and we don’t celebrate #9’s in our culture so we always skip to the next number :] SO, 80!

Coffee Brulee Cake

Lots of different candied nuts with a nice tiramisu/brulee type of cake with a light creamy coffee-flavored whipped cream sort of frosting.

The Ding’s [丁家]

I ended the night, not too stressed out, but definitely in need of a drink or two [long long story]… so I headed to the 09 [09倉庫] Whickey & Wine Bar near my hotel…

Delicious Salty Bar Snacks…

A few glasses of a nice Red Cab

And of course a few plates of delicious juicy piping hot Taiwanese Sausage [香腸] with Raw Scallions/Garlic

Other than Black Taiwanese sausage from Lao Yo Ji this is my favorite Taiwanese Sausage to get in Taipei!!!! I have NO idea where they buy it from but it’s the BOMB DIGGITY YO!

And slightly tipsy and whooopdedooooing… came back home to sour straws and my love, my only my Chocolate covered sugary Waffle from earlier today :]

G’nite world, this chica needs to sleep now… she’s running on booze, sugarrrr and pure adrenaline right now ;D


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