Delicious ShangHai Dinner at Dian Shui Lou [點水樓]

I barely ate today… well this morning… tired, cranky, I’m half sick, I can’t tell if it’s the humid ever-changing weird weather of Taiwan, allergies, or I’m actually getting a bit sick…

I stopped by my new favorite, Cafe Kitchen for some coffee, whiskey and this new one..

Rum Coffee

Espresso, brown sugar and a shot of rum :]

I bought a few CDs and cute Hello Kitty stuff and headed out to dinner at Dian Shui Lou [點水樓]

Cold Dish: Jelly Fish Salad [涼拌海蜇]

Cold Dish: Mini Anchovies [小鱼ゅ] and Fried Tofu

Cold Dish: Braised Bamboo

Delicious and not greasy or oily or heavy at all :] SO GOOD!!!

Cold Dish: Betel [檳榔] Palm Blossoms

Cold Dish: Sweetened White Bitter Melon [白苦瓜]

The usual, if they have it, I get it. Y’know :]

Since I always get it and never really talked about it:

“This unique variety is developed recently and has become very popular in Taiwan. Creamy white skin fruits are very beautiful in the gardens and attractive in the markets. This variety has appeared recently in the supermarkets on the West Coast and has been commanding a higher price than other varieties. In Taiwan, fruits are often protected and covered using paper sleeves, by closing the top end but keeping the bottom end open, to block the sunlight exposure and to minimize fruit skin scratch during the fruit growth, to obtain beautiful fruits. Seeds are black in color.” [Source]

Cold Dish: Drunken Pig Feet [猪脚]

It was weird having this flavor, I’m used to it being with chicken, but it was with piggie trotters :] aka piggie knuckles and piggie feet hahahah… It’s also weird eating pig’s feet COLD.. hmmm still think I love it most soy sauce broth braised :]

Xiao Long Bao / Soup Dumpling / 小籠包

Delicious but I still love Din Tai Fung’s the best!!!  Soupy but just a little bit small and there was so many in the steamer that they got cold and hard quickly :[

We started talking to our fellow dining neighbors and they actually offered some of thei dishes to us.. like this Scrambled egg with salty duck egg and fish

Creamy, salty delicious. I actually didn’t taste any of the fish but definitely had a lot of the salted duck yolk, SOOO GOOD!!!  They actually give you a whole clay pot of it.. how you eat the whole thing without a table of ppl is beyond me.. okay, lies, I could probably eat the whole thing :]

Sauteed Loofah 勝瓜

I love eating this with lots of ginger and clams the best but we got this plainly sauteed this time. So fresh, tender, with a bit of crunch OMG delicious!

Dong Puo Rou 東坡肉 – Braised Pork Belly

Falling apart and melting on my tongue.. the fat the meat, sooooo creamy and delicious.. it came with a steamer of buns to put the fatty pork in – the sauce tasted a bit of soy sauce and peanut base.. and came with delicious steamed bok choy.

I had a lot of these.. SOOO GOOOD.. piping hot and melted and slid down my throat like happiness…

I needed more greens… so I ordered another plate of veggies for me…

Sauteed Garlicky Pea Shoots – Dau Miu 豆苗

Very fresh and perfectly cooked. A bit on the salty side for me.. but still delicious and I feel like I ended up eating most of it :] YUM! I always need plenty of my dark greens in my belly. HAPPY!  Veggies here are so much more tender and delicate and fresh tasting here in Asia than back in the states.. can I just not go back?!

Steamed Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐

While I usually like it fried with pickled kimchi the best… I also love it super spicy, mala, steamed.  But even tho I asked for this to be super spicy it wasn’t. SAD.  It was sprinkled with edamame and pieces of pork and only some of them are stinkier than others… :T So some pieces were good some were meh. WTF?! Sad.. My least favorite dish I’ve had here.. :P Poo

And then.. even tho we probably weren’t gonna get any, or maybe just get some 心太軟 [which is a favorite of me and my daddy’s.. which is mochi stuffed sweet sweet red dates] we ended up taking out neighbor’s suggestion… so for dessert we got

奶黄包 – Nai Wong Bao – Egg Custard Buns

They came out fresh and piping hot… the innards were gooey, milky and buttery and just oozed out.  Even tho it was BURNING hot I couldn’t help but gobble up two ASAP. So delicious and I even licked off the custard that dripped on my plate from the first bites. YUM! Here’s a quickie recipe from

Look at that deliciousness…

Dian Shui Lou [點水樓] is one of my favorite places to go to for dinner in Taipei… especially for great Shanghai food.. :] And when I’m bored of always eating Din Tai Fung for xiao long baos…. DEFINITELY hit one of them up :] They’ve got a few locations in Taipei!

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