Tea Time at Spring City Resort in XingBeiTou

Every year I go to different Hot Springs Resorts to find out which I like the best… I haven’t been to Xing Bei Tou in two years so it was time to go visit again.  Last year I went to one in Taichung to live at for a few nights at Fresh Fields and it was AHHH-MAZING!!! I never really finished blogging about that place. OOPS – this is why I’m trying to blog while I eat HERE :] I get lazy and distracted with more fun and eats when I’m back in the states. #randombabbling…

HEE HEE HEE these figures are all over the train station SO CUTE


Climbing Taipei 101


Certification hahahaha….

First of all, I was displeased in the beginning since it looked nice but then they misplaced our vouchers and it took FORRRRRRRRREVER for them to find them even tho we had called in the morning to make reservations. WHAT THE DILLY YO?!??!… FINALLY after choosing Tea Time over Dinner – since we could only hot springs for an hour with the “set” and we’d have to wait a few hours after to eat dinner.. we got Tea Time. BAD CHOICE. More on that in a bit…


Obviously no pics of me in the hot springs since it was NUUUUUUDE ;D The room was TEENY TINY – boo – and super stinky.. and there was only 3 bathrooms for ALL the people in the hot springs to use instead of individual – I should’ve brought my bikini so I could Hot Springs outside for better air ventilation and just.. less stinky?!… more space?!… this was kinda disappointing since i’ve been to so many good ones in Taiwan so far :[ Sniffle.

All cleaned up, dressed back up and ready to grub – STARVED

Opted for Tea Time… the chinese and japanese menus looked promising but dinner was TOO FAR AWAY for my tummy to wait

Tea Time was a set meal and than a dessert/soup/salad bar attached.

I made two huge helpings of salad

Got some French Onion Soup – minus the crouton and cheese…

And ordered the Pan Fried Salmon

Salmon is a very flavorful fish and this wasn’t overcooked and had good flavor.  Came with yellow rice and steamed veggies.. the sauce was a bit too greasy tho :P

My Hot Springs date got the Chicken Roll

I thought the outside would be tofu skin but it ended up being chicken skin.. the chicken meat itself was bland :[ BOO! And same rice and veggies as my salmon…

“Sweet” Soup for Dessert

Everything was just overly sweet so I just got two bowls of the hot Grass Jelly and added Green Beans to it :] YUM!

I’ve never had HOT grass jelly before, it comes out liquidy and slowly solidifies while you eat.  The green beans [mung beans] were the least sweetened of what they offered.. [Peanuts, Jacob’s Tears, Red Beans, etc etc…]

Desserts Bar

Scone, Cookie, Honey Cake, Portuguese Egg Tart


Yeah the desserts weren’t good either… :P The egg tart was the best out of the bunch and it was probably the worst honey cake ever :[ SADNESS.

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