Tea Time aka “Booze Time” at Cafe Kitchen

I found a new place in the Fuxing Sogo for Tea Time :] Probably because it’s on the the men’s floor and I’m always single when I come to Taiwan

[hahahaha… like i’ve said before the day that I actually bring a man with me to Taiwan I’ll probably end up marrying him.. aside from my first boyfriend who vacationed with me in Taiwan the same time I did and we had some fun together back in college, every time I plan to bring a boyfriend with me to Taiwan I break up with him right before… SPEAKING of which… you know how people always break up before summer and get a guy for Xmas and New Years?!?! I’m the opposite.. HAHAHAHA okay, back to the food]

It’s super swanky, super cute seating and interior and pretty “private”

But.. Parmesan Cheesecake?! Seriously?! As much as I was curious I also didn’t really wanna try it…

I ended up with this buttercream frozen cake… it was actually pretty tasty.. I thought it was ice cream but no.. alas I’m a fatass and it was 100% buttercream… OY VEY

Irish Coffee with Whip

Grapefruit Sake Espresso Drink…

100% Grapefruit Juice

Pour in the Espresso

Pour in the Sake

And if you want you can pour in the sugar syrup but I left it as is… pretty tasty.. but the espresso and grapefruit juice totally covered up the sake… I stole my tea time date’s whiskey infused coffee :D

Tomato Espresso Drink…

Tomato Slice with Candied Orange Peels

You stir the tomato juice up with the espresso

It’s actually pretty tasty.. plus tomatoes are GREAT for your skin :]

I got another Irish Coffee but this time without Whip… and extra Whiskey ;]

OKAY So this time I had more booze than cake which is better… right?! Maybe?!… Next time I should ask for the Irish Coffee hold the coffee and whip ;]

The menu looked delicious and there was lots of variety.. from pastas to risottos, seafood, beef, pork, etc…. YUM! And a huge waffle list and more desserts, juice bar and boozey coffee items I wanna try :] Will be back at least a few more times while I’m in town, that’s for sure :]


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