Rainy Day Lunch at Shin Yeh

What to do on a rainy day when you’re hungry?!… Try to find a place near where you live to eat at.. so where did I end up?  At Shin Yeh in Taipei, really near my hotel.  It’s the sister restuarant of one of my favorite places in Taiwan, AoBa.

Ready to get my super grub on!!!

It was just past lunch time so it wasn’t very busy…

The menu looked delicious and despite some “fun” items we opted for simpler dishes… but for your entertainment…

YAY Chicken Testicles!!

So curious… Shark Fin in Scrambled Egg

Poached Preserved Bamboo Shoots

They actually braised this was pork belly in a soy-based concoction.. it was actually pretty “light” and had some fatty pork in it :] Secretly. WOO!

Poached Savory Goose in Bouillon

I love getting goose in Taiwan. It’s sooo delicious – it came with a preserved radish cold dish, that I usually eat with my congee, on the side and also a slightly spicy red sauce…. YUM!

Jelly Fish Salad

Light, vinegary and crunchy, just the way I like it. Usually people make it way too garlicky but this was perfect and I didn’t have super garlic breath for the rest of the day :D

Sauteed Sweet Potato Greens in Garlic

This and A-Cai were the greens of the day and since I aways get A-Cai we opted for the Sweet Potato Greens… super tender and delicate!

Sea Clam Consumme with Ginger

My favorite soup so I had to get it :] I get to drink this almost every day :] SO HAPPY!

Live-Steamed Fish with Scallion in Soya Sauce

I’ve never had this fish before.. need to find my notes to remember what kind of fish this was again.. the top green shreds is scallions but not very strong tasting… the broth was a bit greasy but oh so good. The fish flaked away to uuber freshness and tenderness… not fishy at all but just not too meaty.

Complimentary Large Warm Mochi rolled in Peanut Powder
Delicious per usual and nice big warm balls! YAY


  1. […] strange cuz I love the stuff. In fact… now that I think about it, I may have only had it at Shin Yeh in Taiwan other than here.. HMMM.. This was light and not too garlicky or vinegary… huge […]


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