WooBar [W Hotel Taipei]

SOOOO I’ve been in need of a change of scenery from the usual from the past few days… and perhaps a glass of champagne or two :]  It’s rainy and cold now.. what happened to this super sunny 81 degree weather I came to?!… I bundled up like crazy and headed out, Starbucks in hand, to W Hotel.

10th Floor – WooBar

We got a cozy cute table near the windows looking out into rainy [boo] roof with a pool.. still a good view tho.. even might have seen a cute guy there.. but then again I was delirious and hungry.

Taipei Champagne

Lychee Liquer with Fresh Orange and Lemon, topped with Champagne

MMMM….. finally got a little bubbly in me…

Side note: As much as I love Taiwan, it’s like family overload since it’s just 24/7 and it can get a bit stressful… also all these asians and overcrowdedness like Manhattan x100 is just…  *anxiety* I love the city but after awhile this germaphobe/claustrophobic chicklet freaks out a bit.  For example today on the train, Friday night after work/after school I nearly had a nervous breakdown – asian ppl are just SO much ruder and I was just pushed all over the place, I may be tall but I weigh a lot less than most people…. :[ But I ain’t no rag doll k!??!?! BOO!

So we ordered the special Tea Time set to share…. THIS IS SOOO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD.

Colorful Winter Afternoon Tea Set

Condiments for the scones and then some….

Whipped Cream w/ Chocolate Balls

Strawberry Jam & Aussie Honey

Grissini with Parma Ham & Lobster Egg Creams

Lobster Egg CreamThis was delicious. Would’ve been even better with a little shaved truffle :] But I’m not complaining.. it was a bit too buttery/oily?! But it was sooo goood… tender pieces of lobster and delicate egg custard on the inside… reminded me of chawan mushi :] NOM! This was the first thing I went straight for since you need to eat it hot and plus seafood and egg.. need it piping hot :] I ADORED the way they presented/plated it – things are delicious eyes first. Then smell, then taste :]

Arancini with Marinated Vegetables & Crab Stick Toast w/ Caviar
It’s funny because I’m watching Iron Chef America Mozz and Chef Symon just made some arancini.  I’m very picky about my arancini – it’s either really good or BLAH. These were good.. loved the little bits of veggies on the stick :] Fun! Of course these are always better piping hot and fresh…

Crab Stick Toast w/ CaviarThey looked cute but it wasn’t that special.  I liked the crunchy toast tho – just cuz I love toast and I love crunchy :] And the pop pop pop of the caviar on top. Salty. But aside from that, the fake crab was just… fake crab. Or at least I think it as fake, either way – meh.

Truffled Potato/Chicken Tea Sandwiches & Caviar Crisps with Cream Cheese
Okay I added the chicken because I tasted chicken and celery and no potato, def no truffle but they said truffle and potato *confused* but then whatever, they were tasty. Slightly toasty white bread – MMM sometimes you just need your wonder bread!!!

Creme Fraiche <3 South Park <3 LOVES

Caviar Crisp with Cream Cheese

I thought it would be creme fraiche but it was CREAM CHEESE!!! Still good tho.. just cream cheese is a bit more overpowering in taste and texture for me.  Need more caviar.. LOVE caviar [you guys obviously know that already tho] <3

NY Cheesecake & Orange/Cranberry Scones

OMG this is my favorite cheesecake I’ve had in Taiwan. Usually the cheese taste is a bit off for me here, but this was SO delicious. Light, airy, fluffy… NOM!  The scones on the other hand were a bit dry and flavorless for me.  I like a scone that tastes SUPER scone-y but still super moist. I also love my scones with devonshire cream & jam <3

Vanilla Creme Brulee, Lemon Meringues & Gummy BearsThe meringues were teeny and super yummy! Great lemon flavor and just enough extra meringue to make a girl like me giggle. If it was a bit toastier it would’ve been even better but I’m not complaining.

Makes Tiffies happy!

Vanilla Creme BruleeVanilla bean seeds and all – great brulee crust and amaaaaaaazing custard on the inside. HAPPY!

Gummy Bears

OH this made me oh oh oh oh oh SO HAPPY!!!

Bag of Macarons, Chestnut Raspberry Tarts w/ White Chocolate & Chocolate Lips

Bag of Macarons

Raspberry, Pistachio and….. Passionfruit?!.. These were mini and delicious! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I could eat macarons for forever!  A little on the sweet side but delicious none-the-less ;D

Chestnut Raspberry Tart w/ White Chocolate “W”

I wasn’t too ino the flavor combo but I ate the chocolate “W” :]

Chocolate Lip

Creamy chocolate-y center and so good.. there was a ice metallic sheer to it to :] YAY yummies

*MWA* XOXO to YOU ;*


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