Tea Time at Brasserie Liz

I woke up early, got a little mini exercise in.. okay, I lied, I got my mouth a little exercise ie FOOD :] Tons of food while I got ready to go out and shop and lunch and tea time and shop and eat and eat and shop ;D Basically…. eat and shop!

Ready to go go!!!

Lol silly :]

FIrst up!!! SOGO Food Court for my favorite Kimichi Seafood HotPot with lots of banchan… can you believe ALL of this for less than 10$?!?!?! DELICIOUS!!!

6 different Banchans of my choice!!!

All together now!! DELICIOUS!!! The HotPot had Shrimp, Squid, Tofus, Noodles, Clams, Kimchi and tons of other deliciousness!!!

My mom and aunt also got a table full of delicious foods… soups, veggies, oyster pancakes, noodles, fried tofus, etc etc :] I ate a lot of their food too HEE HEE

After a short shop around, like at Spiral Girl for some cute skull top and leggings… we headed over to Brasserie Liz which used to be my favorite cafe with delicious macarons and ice cream sundaes – so sad I can’t remember the specific name right noww….. it had something to do with Petit Prince ;] But yes another French cafe replaced it… well, “Brasserie” :]

Beautiful chandeliers now too…

Oh Julia Child

Tea and a cute little strainer…

“Paris Brest”

Pretty sure it was “engrish” mistake :] But it was like a cream puff shaped like a bagel and filled with delicious hazelnut mousse and covered with toasted almonds!  There was ice cream on the side.. since ice cream came with every dessert we got strawberry this round – SOOO GOOD.. the strawberry ice cream wasn’t too sweet and slightly tart – AMAZING! I could eat it forever!

YUM! Innards! SEXY

Next up?! Souffle… with Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream

This thing was HUGE, took forever but was WORTH the wait. Not sweet, creamy and just heavenly!! It was SOOOO warm and delicious… so fluffy and amazing.

Mille Feuille of Red Wine Pear w/ Fruit Pates & Macarons
…and surprisingly, MORE ice cream :] YUM!  The chocolate ice cream is SOOO GOOD, with chocolate flakes/shavings and everything!!!

Delicious layers of pastry and cream and the poached pears.. the pears were a little on the sweet side for me… and by this dessert I was ready to burst but I couldn’t stop eating!!!

NOM! Raspberry macarons <3

I had SO much sugar I was hit with a wave of sugar high.. walked it off with loads of shopping :] Next post on that….!!!


  1. Actually Paris-Brest is named for the bicycle race from the city of Paris to the city of Brest. For once not a weirdo-typo!


  2. This post looks awesome! I love the concept of high tea. Your blog is so chic and real! Do drop by my blog sometime, I just did it first ever dessert recipe post and I’d love to know what you think.



  1. […] a tons of food and tea time we knew we had to walk off all the […]


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