A Day at the Zoo and a night at 老友紀

After a quick lunch/snack of Red Bean, Mochi and Sesame Ball Soup….. [sorry for the crappy quality photo… it was dark in my room hehe cuz I got it as takeout – see my laptop in the background]

I headed to the Taipei Zoo to see some of my favorite animals… they close at 5pm so I was there til the end, didn’t get to see as much as I did last time I was there but got to see some of my fav highlights!

Fan [mom’s side] and Ding [dad’s side] next to each other – destiny!!!

I iz panda?!

See his dinner/mouse in his claw?


They started fighting!!

A delicious tea egg as a snack!!!

Afterwards, since they closed and we were swarmed with students – we headed to Taipei 101 for one of my favorite Japanese places in Taipei but it was CLOSED!!!!

This year’s Tiffany’s tree…

They got rid of it cuz of renovations *tears* so we headed back to option #2 which was original option anyways – 老友紀 :D Time to get my meats and soups on! Always a delicious and cheap option!!!

Steamed Gai Lan

Mixed Plate #1 – Duck, Chicken & Sausage

Deicious fatty duck… we actually got the last serving ;]  Delicious chicken and of course a nice soft fluffy sausage.. taiwanese style.

Wonton Soup

SOOOO delicious. I’m SUCH a sucker for wontons!!! These were delicious. Great pork filling with a shrump!

Steamed Cabbage

Mixed Plate #2 – 2 different sausages & smoked Pork Belly

I do I do I do adore, all I wanted was the black sausage and pork belly!!!

Shrimp 腸粉 [Cheung Fun]

Fresh shrimp and a yummy tender rice noodle roll around it! You can’t really fudge these things up! YUM! Just like DIM SUM!

Steamed Lettuce

Beef Ball Soup

& more Steamed Lettuce – this time with no sauce

Round 1 done and in transition to round 2…

Black Bean Spicy Pork Ribs

SOOOO meaty! I’m SO not used to it since in the States you get these at dim sum and you just get only bone and fat and almost NO meat. DELICIOUS!

My favorite Black Taiwanese Sausage

This stuff is AMAZING but they won’t give away their secret to their yumminess. GRR.  The fact that it’s black makes me think that there’s blood in it.. YUM! Once you go black you REALLY don’t wanna go back ;D

More Smoked Pork Belly <3 or 腊肉 [“preserved?”]This stuff is SO delicious! So fatty and smokey and full of flavor. My mom is SO good at making this too.. she used to make it all the time for us and family friends :[ But no more.. need to beg her for some when we go back home – OR eat a ton til I puke while I’m here.. hahaha….

YUM! All of this and it didn’t even cost that much!! Great for cheap quick eats that’s DELICIOUS and totally filling and satisfying! YUM!


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  2. […] Taiwanese Pork Sausage / 黑豬肉香腸 These weren’t like my favorites from Lao Yo Ji and 09 but they were pretty good – not fatty enough ;] You don’t need to wash these down […]


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