Taiwan* First Day back: Bangs, Afternoon Tea & Din Tai Fung

Here’s a quickie post before bed!!!… I’ve made real detailed posts about these places before but just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to :]

After a long long LOOOOONG plane ride over to the homeland, I woke up a few hours later, skipped out on the spa and went straight to my hair dresser…

I wanted Nicole Richie’s bangs!!! Bang bang sha-bang

YEP I got them….

After some solo shopping… I met up with my mom and one of her best friends [from Cali, who was also in town] for tea time at Afternoon Tea.

Tomato/Veggie Soup

Mommy’s Beef + Rice Dish

Auntie’s Creamy Chicken + Rice Dish

Both had a side of potato salad, a cherry tomato sliced in half and some lettuce

My Chicken Sandwich Salad

Egg Shavings, a delicious dressing, thinly sliced roast chicken, loads of veggies and greens and chunks of buttered wheat toast!

Teas for Tea Time

Auntie & I

Mommy & Auntie

Mommy & Auntie both got the chestnut cake

I got the banana/kiwi roll with chocolate chips <3

And then more and more shopping in the both sogos… LOADS of shopping.. for day one maybe we spent a little too much money on new clothes ;] But I barely packed SOOOOO ;]

Then Din Tai Fung for dinner!

Watching the boys at work while we waited…

Seaweed, Noodle, Tofu Cold Dish

Sweetened White Bitter Melon

Definitely one of my favorite cold dishes when I come to Taiwan!

Smoked Fish

Delicious and flavorful :] It was tiny but packed a punch <3

Drunken Chicken

Din Tai Fung has some of the most delicious drunken chicken around – seriously.  My mom will visit JUST to eat this. LOL.

Xiao Long Baos <3

Yep I pretty much ate all of them….  thin perfect skin and amazing delicious filling filled with delicious fatty soup!!! NOM!

Chicken Soup with my lovely chicken foot :]Yep, of course this, we got two pots!  Aside from their xiao long baos, they are famous for their chicken soup! SOOO GOOOD and comforting!


  1. Ahhh I’m so jealous and wish I could be there right now too. I miss Taiwan.


  2. ooooh that chestnut cake…



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  2. […] Long Bao / Soup Dumpling / 小籠包 Delicious but I still love Din Tai Fung’s the best!!!  Soupy but just a little bit small and there was so many in the steamer that they got cold and […]


  3. […] My favoriiiiite <3 But I still say Ding Tai Fung makes it the bestest […]


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