Sierra’s for a Fishy Mexicano good time…

I need Mexican, I’ve been craving Mexican… tequila and salsa and chips galore. So, what do I do? I go get Mexican :] My favorite Mexican restaurant around, Sierra’s – AND it’s close to where I live !!!  They have amaaaaazing freshly made salsa, sooo good and chunky, and while not too high on the heat level – which I usually want in a salsa – it’s SOOO GOOD!  I always ask for a few refills :]

As soon as we sat down we got the Freshly-made Chips and their amazing Salsa! Happy happy joy joy – even before I could eat 3 chips my dinner date already ate the whole thing of salsa…

Pink Adobe Margarita on the Rocks sans Salt

Gold tequila, Grand Marnier, Grenadine

This thing is HUGE :] And soooooo tasty – and had a beautiful pink hue to it. YUM! I was tipsy by the time I got to half of it. WOOOOOO

Caribbean Shrimp

Succulent shrimp dipped in Corona beer batter, rolled in fresh shaved coconut, spiced and deep fried. Served with a tangy honey mustard dipping sauce.

These things were HUUUUGE, they were the size of my palm – they’re covered in some sort of amazing corn bread batter and then covered in tons of coconut and fried to happiness.  The sauce was sooo good with a nice kick to it. Bangity bang bang. Only four come out but they’re huge and filling – the shrimps inside or pretty big as well.

Bayou Catfish

Marinated in buttermilk and spices, breaded in cornmeal, this succulent fish is lightly fried, accompanied by our creamy Chipotle sauce

Dinner date got the catfish.  I guess we were both feeling fish tonight.  The catfish was tender, lightly breaded and fried to a nice perfection.  I didn’t like the chipotle sauce but then again usually mayo-based sauces aren’t my thing… Obviously this also came with a little salad, beans, rice and hominy.. Crunchity catfish!

Grilled Red Snapper with Warm Shrimp Salsa

Grilled red snapper filet topped with a sauté of shrimp, pineapple, green chilies and avocado

And I got what I always get, well usually, boring I know.  But it’s SOOOO GOOD!!!!  Tender huge piece of grilled snapper topped off with a “salsa” of huge shrumps, pineapples, I think even maybe some mango, OMG I cleaned this plate.  Licked it and mopped it up with chips hahahaha…. I asked for more salsa and also a side bowl of sliced jalapenos. YUM!

This place is tiny but rocking.  It’s got a really nice homey feel to it and there’s a nice bar area that’s always packed with locals who come in for a drink or three to watch a game.

470 North Rd. Route 117 Sudbury MA

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