Burger in a Bowl….

After a long day of running errands and shopping I decided to stop in for a nice Burger at Met Bar + Grill…. I’ve learned to stop trying on clothes AFTER eating but before :] Less, self-hate hahaha  Anyways I’ve blogged about them before but it’s definitely my go-to spot when I’m in the area – great drinks, great service, delicious food. It was SOOOO busy this night so service was a bit slower but our waiter was super nice!  I figured I’d blog about it since I just watched this:

Ep. 5, Beavis and Butt-Head (Season 9) | Ep. 5 | Supersize Me / Bathroom Break

Ready for a good meal… :] No salad for this little lady, I need me some BEEF! MOO

I also need that toy.

Getting my sexy face on for my burger WOO

A nice Malbec to start the night… or end the day with… whichever, both works.

Chile Fried Calamari

Sishito Peppers / Garlic / Lime Leaf / Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

Usually I’ll get their guacamole which is AMAZING and also their wings [which they sadly took off the menu in the new change] or great salmon and tuna tartares….korean chicken tacos :] BUTTTTT, today was a calamari day.  LOTS of tentacles in this batch – huzzah! Best!  Crunchy, not greasy, very lightly fried… and lightly battered. Great. Love the fresh crunch of the peppers and the watercress!

Lobster Diavolo

Spicy Tomato Sauce / Lobster Meat in Shell

Can you believe this is the HALF portion?!…. Half a lobster, delicious spicy tomato sauce with chunks of jalapenos.  The noodles were tender and cooked perfectly – as was the lobster.  Sadly they seem to have gotten rid of their Daily Pasta Menu so now they offer this every day, but they did get rid of other things :[ WHYYYY Met Bar, WHYYYYYY?!

My Kobe Burger in a Bowl and a side of Fries & Pickle

 Fried Egg / Melted Swiss / Onion / Sauteed Mushrooms / Foie Gras / Avocado / Sprouts on Arugula

This was AMAZING.  A nice gooey fried egg and foie gras totally kicked it up a notch.  Crunch of the arugula and sprouts and RAW red onion – ya’ll know how much I ADORE Raw Red Onion… *onion breath*  I asked for some jalapenos in it but they forgot them :[ Waa!  The fries were aaaaaaamazing.. per usual but the pickle I wasn’t that into.  It was a bit too salty and not enough sour… still too “fresh cucumber” like, needs a little more pickling :] LOVED how the mushrooms were a nice wild mushroom medley/mix and not just sauteed button mushrooms….

Btw I need this game, and foodies to play it with! Two of my loves in one!

And amongst many bags of stuff bought at the mall, I wore this one as soon as I got it :] Half off from Nordstrom too *killer fur steal – the stylist there was SO nice and was helping me in the fancy dressing room they have in a special section, bringing me hot designer wear, unfortunately everything was too big, so just this for me.

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