My love affair with Goat

Goat isn’t something I get to eat all the time.  While it’s such a common protein and getting more popular by the second, it’s still hard to come by in the States.  For some people goat is much stronger and gamier than lamb, but for me, while not being a huge fan of lamb, I ADORE goat :]

And my obsession is all cuz of this girl, THE Girl & the Goat :] [but this was eaten BEFORE she had the restaurant hehe] Top chef winner Stephanie Izard

Slow Roasted Goat and Market Vegetable Slaw from the Green City Market Chef’s BBQ ’09

It was tender, flavorful and just made me oh so happy. I may not like their milk but their meat is DERRICIOUS <3

Next up?! One of the best goat dishes I’ve had made by The ORIGINAL Top Chef, Harold Dieterle

Massaman: Braised Goat from Kin Shop

Fried Shallots, Purple Yams, Mustard Greens & Toasted Coconut

It was goaty and delicious and literally melted in your mouth as soon as you put it in your mouth! Goat and curry is a sure thing!  Always fantastic.

 Another super memorable Goat dish was this amazing sausage Joe and I got at Toro last year on Thanksgiving Eve [hehe]

Goat/Pork sausage on a bed of couscous from Toro

As soon as we heard the specials… [there was also a goat stew that sounded promising] J jumped right at this. SOOO glad we got it, it was SOOO freaking good – SO juicy and HUGE and full of flavor. Nice and meaty and perfectly spiced. MMMMMMM… delicious pork also played a huge part offering a nice fatty flavor to an otherwise lean goat.

And then a little something different and while I thought it was a bit gamey it was freaking prosciutto. GOAT prosciutto.

James Beard Foundation Benefit Dinner was at the famous Paul Kahan’s Publican in Chicago

slow roasted goat & crispy goat prosciutto – mike sheerin
crab apples, dates & hazelnut oil

 And then one of the best goat dishes I’ve ever had…. [funny how so many of these are from Chicago hehe]

Slow Cooked Goat from Anteprima

Italian Flat Beans, Tomato & Eggplant

SOOOO flavorful and melted in my mouth. This was SUUUUCHHH an amazing dish and even after 20 soemthing dishes or other this was DEVOURED and enjoyed and dreamt about for a long time :]

 I’m sorry I ate your mommy… she was derricious… you’re cute but old goats are fuggly and scare me anyways haha – I’m lucky to have tried such a wide variety of different kinds of goat dishes.  I’ve also had great Jamaican goat :] – which I can’t seem to find the photos for, and a few more but these were the ones that really stood out!


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