Halloweenie FUN & YUM with my Bestie

My bestie/sister Katy threw a Halloween party on Friday – woo just in time before the snow/rain storm we had in the New England area…. – btw my town’s Trick or Treating was postponed til FRIDAY!!!! :[ so sad.. Anyways.. this post consists of mainly my pics and some of others.. cuz I started drinking since like 1 or 2 so by the end I stopped taking pics.. still need to take some CUTE ones from Kate’s sis :]

BTW, used my macbook as playlist for the party now its’ SOOO sticky from alcohol poured all over it, it’s a miracle it still works but it took me soooo long just to type this sentence :[ Dear Santa, I want a new MacBook Pro for Xmas <3 LOVE YOUUUUU… ok onwards….

A few weeks ago I had seen these and I know I had to get them for Katy and I for the party – special skull goblets!!!!  Hers is of course Orange, her fav color :D   Immediately filled with some Italian white vinooooo :]

After grocery shopping for snacks we stopped by Fresh City for some city of freshness… hehehe…. I got a delicious and oniony [haha, ya’ll know I’m obsessed with raw red onion] Farmers Market salad w/ this AMAZING Ranch sort of dressing, which I hate ranch but this was pretty good, on the side to dip of course, and turkey!  Kate did SUCH a good job with decor :]  TRYING to find pics of her outside house.. we hung skeletons on the windows she had blood splatter EVERYTHING. UGH. LOVE. We are SUCH soulmates.

Kate’s loving her Caesar wrap :D NOM! She’s SO cute <3

After lunch I started working on the BOO Treat Cones…

His face kinda melted…

Making mummy pizzas.. we got regular french bread and garlic bread.. I love variety :D Hhehehehe hopefully Kate doesn’t hate me, I took this pic right after she showered…

Some pizza sauce, sliced olives for eyes… and you can see the thinly sliced cheese [mozz] shredded – Kate’s AWESOME at cutting the cheese  :]

THEN came our fried oreos…

Basic Fry Batter… with lots of red+yellow dye for ORANGE :]

BTW inbetween all of these we were watching REALLY bad d-list horror movies, drinking, talking etc.. etc.. :] BOUNCING to music!


1 c flour, 1 c milk, 2 tsp oil, 1 egg mix mix mix mix

Getting ready to fry Halloween orange oreos :]

Beautifully orange

Decorated Oreos

THEN we started getting dressed…

But first some yummy takeout from 99.. WHICH I didn’t end up eating.. WHICH is why I got to.. “un-sober”


Who you gonna call?…. GhostMikstertheBuster :]

I love Kate giving Minnie fingers in the background, TOO CUTE.


Hamster Dancing

Yeah, we’re drunk

Me and T won Most Original Costume :D

Winners of Funniest, Original and Best Costumes <3

KISS KISS <3 xoxoxoxoxoo BESTiES/SISTErS for LIFE

Into the Paranormal?!.. Visit Kate’s Paranormal Investigation Blog site! She’s like the female Zak Bagans of Mass.. HOT and awesome :] And totally in touch with the “other side” :] I’d get with both ;D

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