It’s Somebody’s Birthday :] – Happy Birthday 白鬼

— Decided to set this to post ON the big day.. hahahaha so just keep in mind that this was written.. a bit beforehand —

It’s T’s birthday on Tuesday but since work is crazy busy for both of us, it’s easier to plan a nice birthday weekend :] The weekend after is Halloween and Papa Ding’s bday [hehe and I’m a daddy’s girl so I have to do a nice big celebration for him] blah blah blah blah so on and so forth, I tend to babble a lot – especially when I’m procrastinating — sooooo I took the Bear/White Devil/Monkey aka my 白鬼  ;] to MOOO… :] Nothing like good steak and wine to celebrate a birthday! I haven’t been to MOOO… for awhile.

I’m a spoiler, I love spoiling the people I care about in my life, from friends to family to significant others – I think I’ve been doing a good jobjust maybe not so much of a good job in choosing boyfriends.. most of the time :]

We’re excited.. and slightly intoxicated… we’d been drinking since the AM – mimosas, wings and nachos galore while we watched the BC/VTech Football game. – which btw started off yay but ended up waa :[ I blame me taking a shower because BC was totally winning before I hopped in for a quick steammmm….  that or cuz the nachos ended up getting sad and mushy. Blaming things that don’t make sense makes things so much better :] See?! Don’t you feel better already BC fans?! It’s all my nachos’ fault! Ok babbling again, back to the FOOD

First a goofy picture…

Finally the time came and we got there just in time!  Valet, walked in and they gave us a great cozy table away from the crowds of people.  As soon as we sat down we got, per my time at reservation request, two glasses of delicious champagne… mmm bubblyyyy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

And then we went on to find a delicious bottle of red.  After perusing the wine menu we decided on just asking the waiter for help.  I love bold juicy not earthy reds and T prefers not too fruity, light Pinots or Merlots.  Waiter, most boss waiter ever, helped us come to a happy medium/balance.

Orin Swift, ‘The Prisoner’, Napa Valley 2009

This wine, The Prisoner, was SO delicious.  We tried two different kinds of wines and while the first, a zin was amazing, this just blew it away. YUM!

Warm buttery cast iron skillet rolls with a ball of melty gooey butter sprinkled with sea salt.

Time to chowwww down!!!

Classic Caesar

We started off with the salad to split and they were sweet enough to split it for us.  Delicious, not too heavy on the dressing, nice and cheesy and crunchy croutons and super fresh romaine. Chew chew crunch crunch – loves!

Next up was steak tartare, we were caught between this or the carpaccio… T isn’t a huge seafood eater so those were two obvious choices.  He’s not a big raw food guy either and we were trying to figure out what he had had before…. I’m thinking it was carpaccio he wasn’t sure if it was tartare – at first – or not. So we went for the tartare – WHICH I’m glad we did cuz looking back at my last post on Mooo… I wasn’t a fan of the blue cheese and cherries on the carpaccio here. Score!

Steak Tartare

He liked it, he liked it – and I loved it.. chunky.. not overly seasoned or goopy.. the pita chips that it came with were grilled, perfect thickness for crunch and chew.. not too crunchy and not spongey or chewy or rubber :]  There were huge capers and gherkins on top and it was delicious… super super fresh beef – obviously, it’s a steakhouse, and it was a great dish!!!.. I’ve had a lot of steak tartares but this was definitely a yummy one.

For our main courses.. we both got the 12 oz Filet.  I got mine rare and he got his medium rare. Delicious. Tender.

Filet Mignon with Roasted Garlic/Bone Marrow Butter

Side Special of the Day: Oyster Mushrooms

T isn’t that into mushrooms and I couldn’t get him drunk enough to try them. They were soooo good tho.  Great texture, a bit crunchy and browned on the edges, thick and hearty  – amazing meaty flavor.. like a really thin portobello.. shaped in a fan.. MMMM, sooo gooood… lightly seasoned so the mushroom flavor came thru

Other Sides: Mooo Mac & Cheese, Creamed Spinach, & Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes

Delicious delicious delicious. When we ordered everything the waiter said it was a lot of food. To which I replied, I eat a lot. T confirmed and our waiter said he wished his wife was like that.  Everything was delicious. I’m not even a huge creamed spinach fan but this was perfectly proportioned – cream to spinach ratio – not overly done, not too wilted, but just enough to be yummy and still retain a slight fresh chew to the spinach – not mush – I’m def not a mush fan.

Yeah, I rule hahahaha #fattiesrule

Chocolate Stout Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream

It was funny cuz while T was in the bathroom I told the waiter that whether or not we ordered a dessert, to bring out a chocolate cake with Happy Birthday on it.. BUUUUTTTTT… T wanted the chocolate cake anyways so win win :] This cake was SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!! Chocolatey, rich and not too sweet. Even better with the ice cream in the nice crunchy chocolate shell NOM NOM NOM!

Marshmallow Chocolate Bon Bons, delish!

And then with a few more glasses of champagne with our dessert, it was gift opening time.


Me: What do you want for your bday?
Him: A really big mug!

And guess what I found:

Pug Life shirt :]  How Vinny #JerseyShore

And a Wine Monkey :]



  1. […] them SUPER BOMB ASS amazing!  While the steak was perfectly cooked and I ADORE Oyster Mushrooms, I do, the sauce, subtle but oh so delectable and decadent, made the dish… gave it that extra oomph […]


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