China Cottage – delicious Fish in Ohio

Who would’ve thunk that I’d go to Ohio for good Chinese food? I thought it was hilarious but parents convinced me it would be good… They told me that their Chilean was a huuuuuuuuuuge half fish fillet not just some ghetto tiny little thing, and OH EM GEE, it was huge and amazing. Fudge you for not being sustainable, but Chilean Sea Bass is freaking good. China Cottage [Springboro].. I will be there for Chinese food forever everytime I’m in Ohio.

There’s a couple of them thru-out the area but apparently this is the only one with the Sea Bass and the best food!  We got there a little on the late side so they were out of their fresh veggies except for one.. which we’ll get to in a sec…

 China Cottage in Springboro, OH

I love how it looks like a little Euro type house

It’s like a little Didi

Mai Tai..

I wish I could take the cup home with me….. I thought it was too sweet and weak sauce but I was feeling tropical and asian drink-ish.. mom thought it was pretty hardcore tho.

The Mai Tai is an alcoholic cocktail based on rumCuraçao liqueur, and lime juice, associated with “Polynesian-style” settings. [Source]

Fruity sweet asian booze drinks are no fun without my Scorpion Bowl partner in crime :[ Miss you.

醉 雞 Rummy Chicken
Never heard it being called “Rummy Chicken” I usually see it as Drunk or Drunken Chicken – soooo good, simple and traditional.  It’s just plain steamed chicken marinated in wine – sooo good. And served chilled- usually as an appetizer.  It’s usually a little goopy with a jelly like substance from the chicken juice and the booze. MMMMM…

My mom actually knows how to make a quick version of this when you need extra dishes on the fly so I’ll try to steal it from her and re-make it and blog about it for you guys!!! I need more cooking posts – and asian ones :]

凉 拌 海 蜇 Jelly Fish
I adore jelly fish but apparently it’s not that easy to make.. well not good at least.  I’ll try to experiment with this as well and post it.  Remember when I finally got my Bear to try it? :]  This was so good cuz it had a great light vinegar-y sauce.. but like I said super light. Sometimes the sauce can be overpowering or the jellyfish is too mushy.  This was nice and crunchy and crisp almost.  A crunchy gelatin like consistency. YUM.  Demolished this SO fast.  Even my mom, who’s not  a huge jellyfish eater ate like half the dish.

芥蘭 Gai-Lan aka Chinese Broccoli

We ordered two differents kinds of sauteed garlicky veggies but since it was late they only had this left.  I almost got another plate but decided to be a good girl on my first night :]  I’d already been eating and eating all day and drinking… [and ended up drinking more after dinner]

White and Brown Rice…

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with Scallions and Ginger
Delicious, HUUUUUGE piece it was like the size of my giant watermelon head.. SOOOO tender and cooked to perfection.  TONS of delicious ginger and scallions, thinly sliced… and fresh cilantro – I love making this myself but I never put cilantro on it. I should.  I’ll cook and put up my version of my Chilean Sea Bass with Ginger/Scallion soon, promise. My parents love it when I make it for them :]

烤 鴨 (半隻) Roasted Duck (Half)
I think we got the crispy… or maybe it was the roast.. either way the skin was crisp and the meat was juicy… it came with raw scallions and more cilantro <3 My fav.  Pretty sure it was roast duck.. I’ve had gross double fried “crispy duck” in NYC before *gag* bad takeout chinese.   This was the only thing we didn’t finish out of all our dishes :]


“Versatility is one of your outstanding traits”

Thanks but no thanks. I like silly future ones better… oh wait, just add “….in bed” and every fortune in a cookie gets better :]

Now I look and feel like this guy:

*rubs belly*

Afterwards we did some grocery shopping.. walked off the booze… 
I was lazy and wanted to sit in the car, it was easier squishing in than getting out of it. *cramp* ouch.

Saw a huge 25lb bag of carrots

Went home [late] and popped in a scary movie and opened a delicious bottle of wine .  I’m obsessed with this wine since Ohio, I had at least a bottle a night. Woot! #Wino.

Martin’s Rake Pinot Noir


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