Vino Volo: DC Dullas Airport Wine Bar

On my way to Dayton I stopped by the DC airport for a 3 hr layover… so I immediately went to Vino Volo.  The past few times I’ve been there I’m there for a few hours before heading to Japan and Taiwan.. so I know the Terminal C & D pretty well.. Vino Volo it is!

It was a bit far from our gate but I needed to walk around and we had over 2 overs of layover – which ended up being 3 since there was a delay.

I was having a dilemma on tastings to choose from – I was in the mood for variety – I was gonna go for a spanish one but the Washington one was recommended so I thought, WHY NOT!!! It was DELICIOUS

These were all rich, bold, juicy and delicious!!!

Artisan Cured Meats

A selection of artisan meats: Coppa, Prosciutto and Salami with whole-grain mustard and country bread

These were yummy.. as expected.. loved the salami the most. For some strange reason I love salami I get outside of what I buy. Everytime I buy it I’m like MEH but when I get it on the meats plate I LOVE IT. SIGH*

Smoked Salmon Rolls

“Their” Signature dish… Smoked Salmon served with succulent crabmeat and crispy crostini

Thees were delicious.  I love smoked salmon.  The meaty crab mayo-based “salad” below the salmon added so much creaminess and even more richness to the crunch of the crostini.. PLUS they gave you HUUUUUUUUGE caperberries NOM! My fav.. salty salty pop in your mouth <3

Broccoli Mushroom PastryStuffed pastry parcels with Broccoli, Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta and Parmesan Cheese

These were flakey, hot and amazing.  As “healthy” as they seem, they’re delectably “bad” for you :] MMMMM…  Light fluffy but oh so satisfying

I also got a cheese plate which had blue cheese, manchego and another stinkier cheese.. creamy..

All recommended :]


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