Boston Beer Works at Logan…

I always end up at Boston Beer Works when I’m at the Logan for awhile.. the last time was nacho heaven with Katy before my Vegas Birthday trip.  This time I was on my way to Dayton, Ohio.  I adore their eats and they have good booze.. obviously.

On the way to the airport

Bye bye my baby..

I need a beer, or two.. our neighbors were total DICKS TOO

They hogged THREE tables and got mad when I asked for the corner table… I’ll be nice and not post the picture I took of them up.. maybe…

Tired… I woke up at 530am…

Pumpkin Ale & Blueberry Beer

I wasn’t too into the pumpkin ale, a bit too hoppy and bitter for me for pumpkin beers but I always love their blueberry :] Nom nom nom chewy blueberries

Mommy’s Fish & Chips

Fresh Haddock, Lightly Coated & Fried, Served with Hand cut fries, Coleslaw & Sunshine Aioli

Super flakey tender haddock with nice thick cut fries… wish they were crispier but mommy LOVED the coleslaw :]  Didn’t really eat the sunshine aioli but I love love LOVE the name of it.

My yummy but boring Mixed Green with Grilled Chicken
Tons of black pepper and tabasco <3 Just the way I love it…. I can’t help it.. tabasco is better than regular dressing…

Nice full and a little tipsy after chugging most of the beer – mommy only had a few sips…. –  I was finally on the plane to DC – only to drink more.. that’s my next post.. at Vino Volo

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