Tony + Ashley’s Wedding @ The Sheraton Flushing

The other weekend, Saturday September 24 to be exact was my best guy friend’s wedding.  What this means?! Road trip to Asiatown :] There is nothing like an amazing chinese wedding/banquet!  It’s always a fun time, lots of booze and delicious food.  Yes, us Chinese are closet alcoholics, fatsos and pervs :] Not only did I have such a fun time roadtripping with my lifesize teddybear – oh I went there – we spent the whole rainy weekend indoors watching movies, tv, Jersey Shore marathon hahahahaha… getting room service and making mimosas… no seriously.

Right before heading downstairs to the ballroom…

The beautiful couple

Table #5 = RPI peeps

Their first dance was Howie Day’s Collide.. which is so cute cuz it ended up being T and I’s first ever dance.. and he LOVES Howie Day – those who follow my fb/twitter will know that we’ve been to 2 Howie Day concerts already in the past two months hehe…

KISS KISS KISS “more tongue more tongue” hahaha I loved the pervy dj

Crispy skin pork and jellyfish!!!

OHHHH YES.. I got him to eat crab claws and jellyfish :] He even seemed to like it.. not just a nibble but a couple bites each.. might partially be because we’ve been drinking since the day before ;]

MAYO SHRIMPPPPPPPPPPPP… I’m not a mayo person, you guys know.. but I do have to admit that asian mayo – aka KEWPIE – is sooooo much tastier.. I DO like mayo shrimp tho.. so mayo used well is good.. :] It’s just abused a lot hahahaha…

— side note.. Taiwanese mayo shrimp comes with rainbow sprinkles.. so FREAKING delicious.. DERRICIOUS!!!  my Aunt, dad’s side, makes it sooo good.. that’s the only time I really get to eat it nowanddays… I never order stuff with mayo so I only eat it when presented.. —


— end side note —

Seafood Soup – I think mainly crab.. pre-red vinegar YUM!!!!…. hehehe even got T to try it… with and without the vinegar.. he took 3 sips and I was down with my bowl – OH MAN… I’ve become such a soup fiend this past year :]


T took this pic :] I forgot what I was doing but he took the pic for me AND danced, congo lined, played games etc… argh.. I was MIA… missed out :[ But he saved me food!!!

Me nomming on lobster, lobster and more lobster….


He loved the fish head but was scared of actually trying the fish.. haha silly

Not shown: Noodles.. Fried Rice…

I was very upset when they took all my food away to make way for desserts – red bean mochi soup and of course CAKE and fruits!!!

Watch the amazing video – it’s hilarious – here.

Beautiful Cake!

Btw, I caught the bouquet woowoo, guess I’m next?!

Yay some of the old RPI gang :]

BTW aside from getting to see the beautiful couple start their life together and get my chinese food fix – mm lobster – seeing this again on tv may have been one of the biggest highlights of the weekend.

Oh I went there :] BEST!

Happy Marriage Tony + Ashley – I love you both!!!


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  2. […] with the meat, it’s SOOO decadent and gluttonous….. Which reminded me of when I was at Tony & Ashley’s wedding last year I got so sad they took my lobster away… I ended up pounding off the entire […]


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